Filling the Gap: Benefits of an MSP

Your business is flourishing and sales are steady. However,it seems like your staff is being pulled away from high-level, strategic tasksin order to handle day-to-day technology activities. In order to sustain yourgrowth and avoid downtime, it is important to maximize your technologyresources. How do you fill this gap? For many companies, MSPs offer the necessary expertiseand flexibility while freeing up your staff for value-added assignments.

The following characteristics of MSPs are among some of themost important benefits of partnering with this type of provider.


One of the most important features an MSP offers is its highlevel of expertise. MSPs have on-staff experts in a variety of areas that arebeneficial to clients in any industry. MSP personnel participate in advancedtraining, often attend conferences and implement best practices in theireveryday work.

Stability and proactive support

MSPs provide the stability of a full-time IT staff whileallowing a company’s in-house employees to tackle other high-priority projects.Companies will avoid downtime and benefit from proactive support techniques,such as networkmonitoring, to help avoid issues in the future.

Cost savings

Hiring technology staff can be cost-prohibitive forbusinesses. MSPs often offer structured monthly or yearly plans tailored toeach client. Clients typically pay only for the services they require and omitunnecessary spending on extra services or products. 

Improved vendor relationships

Workingwith vendors can take up a lot of time and pull staff away from othercommitments. MSPs can alleviate some of this strain on resources by playing therole of liaison between a business and its vendors. The MSP serves as a firstline of support and communicates directly with vendors.


MSPs are key in providing scalable solutions and support. Asclients grow or technology issues emerge, MSPs play a critical role in helpinga company adapt to demands. Having the opportunity to adapt to changingcircumstances is a key advantage of working with a managed services provider.

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