Manage Your Files for Tech Spring Cleaning

Keeping devices safe and updated is a high priority in responsible device ownership. Once you are confident your devices have been secured and are up to date, it is time to focus on the data. Whether it means installing a security update on your phone or keeping your files safe from cybercriminals on your computer, managing your files on every device is a priority.

File management

File management allows you to organize your information and data to create a more streamlined way of working and makes it easy to retrieve relevant and current business data. Organizing information and filing within an easily understood system will go a long way in achieving data compliance and accessibility. Whether your company uses an external file management software system or creates a proprietary file management system, having processes in place helps restrict misuse of data, streamlines reporting capabilities, and enhances overall digital security.

Purge files as necessary, and responsibly

Getting rid of clutter and unnecessary items is a key component of spring cleaning and applies to digital and technical spring cleaning as well. It is unlikely that your company has use for outdated files and information. In fact, maintaining older files can create confusion over which version is the most accurate and up to date. Additionally, keeping outdated files creates a security risk and increases the likelihood of a data breach. Holding onto obsolete information takes up valuable space within a company's system and freeing up this space can lessen the strain on resources.

Purging older files should be done regularly and responsibly. Paper files with sensitive, personal, or proprietary information should not simply be tossed into the trash. This type of information should be shredded and handled in a sensible manner.

Communicate about your file management system

Once your company's file management system has been established, make sure employees are aware of it and are following the appropriate protocols. Communicate with employees clearly and as needed. Provide training when, and if, necessary to ensure employees understand the importance of file management, its role in data compliance, and how file naming conventions will work.

Engage with a Proactive MSP

File management is critical to information control, data compliance, and security. Data misuse and security breaches are detrimental to a company's reputation and bottom line. Being proactive and taking responsible steps in file and information management can help prevent a data disaster from befalling your company.

AJTC's team of experts is knowledgeable in data and information management. We stay current on data security and compliance trends and regulations and will help your company develop a file management plan. Let us work with you to create a customized file management system that best suits your company's needs. Contact AJTC here or call us at 708.942.8200.

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