IT Project Planning with Project Management Tools: The Key to Business Success

Carefully plan and manage your next IT project to ensure all collaborators are on the same page and achieve the desired outcome. AJTC can help you with everything, from detailed planning over defining milestones to IT project management, ensuring your project is finished successfully and on time.

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It All Starts With a Crazy Good IT Implementation Plan

Every IT project should start with a clear end goal in your mind. To do so and meet budget goals and deadlines, you need skillful IT project experts who can help you design and implement IT infrastructure solutions that meet your specific needs. This is where AJTC comes into play. We have a proven planning methodology that ensures your investment in the next IT project will pay off!

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Managing your new IT projects from end to end can be a nightmare. This is especially true if you don't have right people or are short on some of the resources. Don't risk failing just because you don't have the right approach! Let us manage the complexities associated with your IT project management.

End-to-End Project Management

AJTC offers IT project management services to help you reach your technology project goals. Our team of experts uses their knowledge, experience, and best-practice methodologies to guide your project from consultation and strategy to implementation, assessment, and optimization. 

Assessment and Design

Ensure your technology solution meets all business and technical requirements with AJTC assessment and design services. We use our expertise and proven methodologies to examine the feasibility of your solution and create a detailed design that considers the necessary technologies, skills, and sourcing strategy.

Application Development

Achieve your business goals with AJTC's end-to-end application development services. Our services, built on one the best platforms, support collaboration within your workplace and include strategy, design, implementation, and training and adoption.

Seamless Deployment Services

Implementing new technology can be challenging, but AJTC has the expertise to make it seamless. We offer a range of deployment services, from basic installation to complex data center and collaboration solutions, to help you maximize the benefits of your technology investments.

Smooth Public Cloud Migration

AJTC is a trusted cloud partner for many Illinois organizations, offering a full range of public cloud migration services. From assessment to ongoing support through our 24/7 cloud help desk, we work with you every step of the way to ensure a seamless transition to the right public cloud environment.

Maximize Your Technology Investment

Get the most out of your technology investment and improve user engagement with AJTC's unique training and adoption services. Our combination of user adoption training, organizational change management, and training videos ensures your software deployments are successfully adopted by your workforce, avoiding productivity and efficiency costs.

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IT Project Resource Management

IT project resource management refers to the process of effectively allocating and utilizing the necessary resources, such as personnel, equipment, and time for the successful completion of an IT project. This involves identifying the required resources, estimating their availability and costs, and ensuring that they are effectively utilized to achieve project objectives within the constraints of budget and time. The goal is to ensure that the right resources are available at the right time to meet project requirements and deliver results efficiently and effectively.

IT Infrastructure Project Management Plan

AJTC is an IT support company that specializes in IT infrastructure project management. We outlines the steps and processes for managing an IT infrastructure project. It serves as a roadmap for the project, providing guidance and direction for all team members and stakeholders. It helps to ensure that the project stays on track, that resources are utilized effectively, that project objectives are met, and typically includes the following components:

Project Scope

Defines the boundaries of the project, including the goals and objectives, deliverables, and limitations.

Project Timeline

Outlines the schedule of activities, milestones, and deadlines for the project.

Resource Allocation

Gathers the personnel, equipment, and other resources required for the project and shows how they will be acquired and managed.

Risk Management

Identifies potential risks to the project and outlines strategies to mitigate or avoid those risks.

Communication Plan

Dictates how project information will be shared among team members and stakeholders.

Quality Control

Defines the processes and standards for ensuring that project deliverables meet the required quality standards.

Project Budget

Determines the financial resources required for the project and how they will be managed.

Project Review and Assessment

Shows how the project will be reviewed and evaluated after completion to identify areas for improvement and best practices.

Let Us Help You When and Where You Need Us

Whether you need small assistance or an entire architecture design for your project, experts from AJTC are here to help.

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