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IT Infrastructure Management Services

Maximize network performance by leveraging our expertise in infrastructure services.

Project planning

The goal is to make your business to run at peak performance; to optimize inputs versus outputs.

AJTC combine your stated needs with an analysis on the weaknesses within your existing network infrastructure, and develop a project plan which provides maximum value in terms of hardware shelf-life and efficiency to operate. Learn More

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Be kept in the know with the latest hardware

Dedicated vendor resources cater to  many small to midsize businesses (SMBs). As a result, they have little insight into the actual needs of their individual customers and obtaining support from them is often difficult.

We can help eliminate these headaches by serving as the all-important liaison between you and the various IT vendors.

We keep our finger on the pulse of the IT industry, so we know which products work best in the field and which vendors offer the best support. Learn More

IT Infrastructure - IT Services - Hardware.
AJTC Testimonials.

Alan Backer


“...they have the expertise level that we can leverage to reduce the burden on our internal staff.”

“Very happy with the service that AJTC has provided.”

Cloud solutions

Consultancy and project planning

We evaluate your organization and weigh the positives and negatives of either technology, as well as the complementary benefits which can be attained during a transfer, such as data-restructuring. Learn More

Migration from servers to cloud & vice-versa

Our migrations cause minimal company downtime during the transfer to- and from cloud. We restructure and (de-)centralize data, as well as organize back-ups.

Work from anywhere with 'remote deskops'

Rather than only storing your data on the cloud, consider migrating your organizations' desktop computers. This allows you to gain access to work files in a secure environment from any location, structures your data and ensures it is sufficiently backed up and protected from attacks.

Telephony and VoIP

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Hosted Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) utilizes an internet based connection rather than a traditional landline connection - which can be very expensive.

VoIP technology services are packed with advanced phone system features.

Call from any device

Reduce costs by up to 50%

Fail-safes ensure reliability

Simultaneous conversations on a single phone number

Crisp, clear sound

Conference calls with 3+ people

Security Systems

Our security system solutions do more than just limit physical access to your business location – they provide peace of mind.

We tailor security services to meet your business needs ensuring your proprietary and client data are protected.
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Managed IT Services - Lousy IT.

Network Cabling

Strengthen your IT infrastructure and increase the speed of your internal wireless connection with customized network cabling solutions.

Solid partnerships with a lot of vendors
Improve your purchasing power
Get reliable constant support - no need to compete for attention
IT Infrastructure - IT Services - Network Cabling.

Database Development

We are experts in designing, implementing, and maintaining high-performing, robust custom databases for a wide variety of applications and clients.

From developing simple database storage to the largest and most complex databases, our team has experience meeting the unique needs and requirements of your organization.

Managed IT Services - Lousy IT.

Application Development

We enhance existing applications and develop new applications from concept to delivery.

Our development team offers customer programming and design services for everything from mobile and web development to .NET applications.

Solid partnerships with a lot of vendors
Improve your purchasing power
Get reliable constant support - no need to compete for attention
IT Infrastructure - IT Services - Application Development.

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