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IT Optimization

By consistently aligning your technology and your team's capabilities with your goals, your organization becomes more efficient, structured and result-oriented.

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Technology alignment process

Our team of IT experts stays ahead of technology trends and offers domain expertise in determining what solutions work best for your business.

• One-time or ongoing technology alignments

• Projects can take a while, however will likely radically increase the efficiency of your organization

Software and workflows

We train staff, suggest new processes (such as ERP's, CRM's and more), optimize infrastructure and ensure that you leverage today's technology as much as possible.

it management software workflows chicago il metropolitan area

Virtual CIO services

How CIO's contribute

Chief Information Officers supplement your senior management team. A professional with decades of IT- and business-executive experience can identify IT-related practices which work towards organizational goals, such as reduced complexity, increased efficiency or an improved bottom-line.

Our process

At set intervals, our virtual CIO joins your senior management meetings to assess the impact of our partnership. He tunes in remotely, or joins the meeting in person. We discuss past performance and evaluate our technology reports. Similarly, we plan for the future and discuss the upcoming alignment practices.

Benchmark your in-house IT department

Small IT teams are often overwhelmed, simply trying to keep internal systems and operations up and running. IT-technicians may lack the business acumen and experience to understand the effect of an implementation on your organization's output. A vCIO has seen these process unfold across dozens of organizations and can benchmark your business' performance.

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Automating processes

A lot of time can be saved by making sure different tools communicate with each other. Automation has an immediate impact on your business' output.

• Avoid human errors for repetitive tasks

• Make your workflows more efficient

• Save time and increase productivity

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Office 365) trumps Google Solutions for business operations. We are specialists and can train your staff to maximize their productivity using these tools.

Access files anywhere

Centralized collaboration

Secure cloud storage


Improved communication

Email, docs and other non-standard backups

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“AJTC took really good care of us and made the transition easy and manageable. Their full service platform is great!”

“Highly recommended!”

Security System

Our security system solutions do more than just limit physical access to your business location – they provide peace of mind.

We tailor security services to meet your business needs ensuring your proprietary and client data are protected.

• Video surveillance, keycards, key fobs, PIN-based access control devices, and other systems

• Each security device is individually programmed

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