How to Manage Your Online Cookies

In a previous blog, we discovered what computer cookies are and what they do. Though cookies are an essential and helpful part of our internet browsing experience, it is important to understand how to manage cookies to maintain control over your online privacy.

Cookies make it possible for a seamless online shopping experience since they allow us to keep items in our shopping carts before we make purchases. However, cookies can also be used to track online users and advertisers use that information to understand online users' behavior. Many see this as an invasion of online privacy and find it problematic that users are being tracked.

There are steps you can take in order to maximize your online browsing experience while protecting your privacy and users have options when it comes to tightening the control they have over cookies.  Users can clear cookies, block or prevent cookies, and delete cookies. Cookies can even be managed on a case by case basis when there are situations where individuals want to handle how cookies are used.

Depending on which web browser you are using, managing cookies is usually a straightforward process. Browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge allow cookie management from the Menu. Data management can be handled from the Settings function on the Menu and following the prompts and selecting the appropriate options.

There are options to block third-party (advertiser) cookies altogether, allow data from local sites you regularly visit, or only keep data until you close the browser. Cookie management is now robust enough to allow for exceptions as you need them. That is, if you choose to block all third-party cookies you may still allow them for certain sites which you regularly visit so that password information can be stored.

Remember to manage your online cookies wherever you conduct your internet browsing. Update your desktop settings as well as any other mobile devices where you might do some surfing. Though you may not have as much control over cookies on your phone as you do on your desktop, it is a good idea to understand how to do this and occasionally clear out cookies.

Data security and privacy is an important consideration no matter where you do your internet browsing. Technology evolves to improve our world every day, but that should not come at the cost of your privacy. Understanding how to manage online cookies makes you an educated user and helps keep you safe online.

Should you need some guidance as you navigate the world of cybersecurity, a skilled managed services provider can help your company manage security risks. From data security solutions to web filtering services, AJTC guides businesses through the process of safe internet browsing. Our team of IT experts has thorough knowledge of cookies and their role in the online world. Contact AJTC here or call 708.942.8200 for more information and to learn how to partner with us.

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