How Can an MSP Help Your Small Business Flourish?

Managed services providers (MSPs) can be the key in helping your small business take the next step towards success. Small businesses are often fueled by ambition but may not necessarily have the resources to achieve the level of success they seek. That's where a managed services provider comes in.

An MSP bridges the gap for companies who may not have the necessary time or staff to handle the dynamic technology needs for a growing business. Here are a few ways an MSP can help your small business flourish.

VoIP Phone Systems

Hosted Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), or a cloud phone system as it is also known, is a phone system that is powered by the internet rather than a landline. This cost-effective communications solution is more reliable than traditional phone systems and includes many advanced features. Small businesses receive high-quality sound and service for a fraction of the cost of traditional phone systems.

Custom Email and Web Filtering

A business protects itself against harmful email threats by using email filtering solutions. Email filtering processes both incoming and outgoing messages with anti-spam techniques to enhance the security of a company's messages. Similarly, web filtering reduces security risks from damaging viruses and malware. AJTC provides customized email and web filtering services to meet your company's needs.

Hosted Servers

Hosted servers are affordable, scalable, and smart. Hosted servers help businesses optimize IT performance without the huge costs associated with purchasing and managing a fully dedicated network infrastructure. Hosted servers are flexible and allow businesses to scale resources up or down, depending on demand. Additionally, companies only pay for the exact amount of server space used.

Website Hosting

Website hosting services provide the appropriate amount of bandwidth and storage your company needs for its website. Depending on your company's needs, website hosting packages can be customized so your website can be used as the marketing tool your business needs.

In short, MSPs provide the necessary technology support your company needs so you can concentrate on growing your business. An MSP works as a reliable partner to your company and has a vested interest in its success. AJTC is an MSP with a business-minded approach. Our team of technology experts provides stable and scalable solutions with your company's needs front and center.

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