Stop Ransomware with these Proactive Approaches

There is no denying the impact of ransomware can be negative and devastating. Like other potentially damaging events, taking a proactive approach can help prevent and stop the harmful impact of a ransomware attack. Though the effects can be long-lasting and damaging, there are steps businesses and individuals can take to mitigate risks and keep data safe.

If You Do Not Trust the Link, Do Not Click on It

Untrusted or unverified links that arrive through email are one of the most common ways ransomware infiltrates a user's system. Many of these links are disguised to look as though they originate from a legitimate source, but they are not actually safe. These links are designed to entice users to click and then malicious software will take over, encrypting the data and holding it for ransom. Links which do not have an "https" or a lock icon are not safe to click on. Simply put, if a link looks suspicious, do not click on it.

Backup Your Data

Backing up your data is an effective way to manage the potential damage of a ransomware attack. When you back up your data, you are making a copy that can be used to restore your data. Backups can be automated and scheduled in advance, so it is not a manual process. Important information, like financial, proprietary, or other sensitive data, should be regularly backed up so you can repair and restore quickly.

Keep Personal Information to Yourself

Cybercriminals are becoming savvy in their attempts to breach your system. Ransomware can appear as a legitimate company representative asking for sensitive information. For the most part, businesses will not ask you for login, password, or other personal information via email.

Use Secure Networks

Our wireless way of working makes it easy to access data wherever we are. However, it is important to remember that not every network is secure, and you should be cautious in what you are doing on public networks. For example, you may not want to browse your banking information while on an unsecured network. Signing into a virtual private network (VPN) is a solution which allows users to securely access data and services from multiple locations. This is a common solution for business with multiple offices and remote workers.

Vigilance Prevents Security Breaches

Staying vigilant about your data security is more important than ever before. Ransomware is a prevalent way for cybercriminals to steal your data and cripple your business operations, and the attacks are becoming more sophisticated and difficult to detect.

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