Data Security Vs. Data Privacy

In this age of constant data sharing and exchanging, understanding the difference between data security and data privacy is imperative to managing your information. As with many technology terms and concepts, data security and data privacy are often used interchangeably. Though the concepts have some similarities, there are also important differences to note to gain a more complete understanding of the terms.

To fully understand data security and data privacy, let's start with the definition of each concept. Data security refers to the idea of protecting personal data from unauthorized access by third-party entities. It also includes the prevention of malicious attacks and exploitation of personal or proprietary data. If you are considering the integrity of data, you are considering data security. Ensuring data is accurate, reliable, and available to authorized parties is the heart of data security.

Companies who understand the importance of data security will require its employees take several mandatory steps, including the following:

  • Use unique, complex passwords. Never share your password with others and be sure not to write it down where it can easily be found.
  • Apply multi-factor authentication. Requiring users to provide more than one type of credential creates layers of security and makes it less likely hackers will be able to access your private data.
  • Securely share remote resources using a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Data privacy, on the other hand, covers the idea of an individual's rights as it pertains to personal information. Handling, processing, storing, and using personal information falls under the umbrella of data privacy. Data privacy must be understood and under control before data security can be achieved.

Data privacy is more than adjusting privacy settings and avoiding oversharing on public and social media networks (although those are important items to consider, too). It's also about data compliance, in which companies should:

Being an informed user means understanding how your information is collected, stored, shared, and used. Data security and data privacy are integral components in today's technology landscape and are critical in keeping your personal and sensitive information out of the wrong hands.

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