Types of IT Maintenance Systems

IT maintenance systems

IT maintenance systems are becoming a necessity worldwide

In today’s frantic and fast-growing digital environment, developing sturdy and well-functioning IT systems has become an absolute necessity. A mere decade ago, only juggernaut corporations needed to implement complex IT systems. In 2022, virtually any business, regardless of its scope or operations, needs to have an IT ecosystem to keep up with the competition. 

However, setting up a flexible, well-designed IT system in your company is only half of the battle. Once you finish the set-up, you will enter a perpetual IT maintenance cycle that basically never ends. IT systems, regardless of their quality and functionality, are often subject to breakdowns, errors, bugs, and even cyber-attacks. 

Therefore, the real challenge of having a cutting-edge IT infrastructure in your company begins with computerized maintenance management software (aka CMMS). To keep your digital processes firing on all cylinders, you should implement effective IT maintenance solutions that fit your distinct needs. 

The Four types of IT maintenance

One company’s perfect IT maintenance system might prove to be costly and inefficient for another. So, if you’re looking to figure out what system maintenance works for you, it is vital to understand the different types of IT maintenance management software maintenance and their trade-offs. 

There are four distinct types of software maintenance popularized in the modern digital toolset for companies across the globe - Corrective, Preventive, Perfective, and Adaptive IT maintenance. The effectiveness and value of these IT maintenance types highly depend on the context of a given company and its unique IT-related circumstances. With this blog, we aim to pinpoint the various advantages and disadvantages of having each IT maintenance system, arming you with the know-how to understand what works best for your company. 

1. Corrective IT maintenance 

Widely regarded as the father of all IT proactive maintenance systems, corrective maintenance is the most popular and easy-to-implement maintenance solution for your software. It acts as a swift “firehose” response to the abrupt IT-related “fires” starting in the software that halt your digital processes. 

The process of corrective CMMS software is deceivingly simple on a conceptual level. Once a software error or a bug is identified with digital reports, corrective measures are instantly taken to remedy the problem as soon as possible. Therefore, this system delivers a solution only after the fault has already occurred within your IT systems. 

The trade-off of corrective IT maintenance

Due to this post-factum methodology of solving problems, corrective IT maintenance has its shortcomings. Although it is a simple and elegant solution to implement quickly and with minimal set-up costs, the risk of irreversible or costly damages prevails. 

Depending on the sensitivity and value of your digital databases, IT processes, and overall structure of the company, even a single error might lead to severe losses in terms of customers, difficulties with asset management or sensitive data worth a lot of money. 

But what if your IT infrastructure is just a simple communication, work order management, and ERP tool that doesn’t contain important data and other resources? In that case, corrective CMMS software might serve you as an extremely affordable and effective solution. 

What you need to consider

If you’re aiming to adopt a CMMS software that adds minimal costs and solves 

arising software errors promptly, Corrective IT maintenance might fit your company perfectly. However, you should be diligent in considering the possible consequences of such a post-error-fixing methodology. Could the potential error in your digital ecosystem result in your business stoppage or worse? If not, then the corrective IT maintenance approach could be your best bet. If the answer is yes, maybe you should try something with a preventive approach to your sensitive IT software.

2. Preventive IT maintenance

Aptly named and designed with forethought, the preventive CMMS software is a restless guardian of your IT infrastructure. This methodology of keeping your digital house clean identifies the potential of errors, instead of only activating right after the issue has already transpired. In order to achieve this precautionary optimum, a powerful predictive maintenance software hunts and recognizes even the slightest issues that don’t pose a problem just yet, but have the chance to grow into a fully-fledged error or a crash in the system. 

The trade-off of preventive IT maintenance

It goes without saying that this sophisticated IT maintenance system is not particularly cheap or easy to implement. Unlike the corrective method, you must weave the preventive IT maintenance within your IT ecosystem top-to-bottom. Every small transaction, data movement, and even miscellaneous digital activity needs to be evaluated for potential risks. This process is costly to set up and requires significant energy and man-hours to analyze and fix. 

Keep in mind that with preventive IT maintenance, you are fixing errors that only have the potential to do damage. Most likely, these issues would not have mutated into a legitimate problem. So, the cost-effectiveness of this methodology is considerably on the lower spectrum. These potential problems are known as latent faults that could lead to massive issues known as effective faults. 

What you need to consider

Deciding to implement Preventive CMMS is a big deal. There are several hard-hitting questions your company needs to answer first - How crucial is it for you to avoid any faults in your IT ecosystem? Are your data and digital operations likely to suffer even from slight issues in the system? If the heart of your business highly depends on the perfect functioning of your IT, then preventive maintenance software will justify its soaring costs. If the damage of trivial errors is something you can tank through without losing customers or delaying operations, the abundance of maintenance tasks in preventive maintenance programs might become an unjustified cost-sink.

3. Perfective IT maintenance

Aside from the constant error-fixing, your IT infrastructure has one inherent flaw. Since digital solutions and products are evolving almost every day, your once-perfect IT system might become outdated, clumsy, or lacking essential features. Your digital hub might seem like a perfect tool in concept, but once you implement and set it up, customers and employees can find various issues and faults with its functionality. 

So, while you try to scale and grow your business, your once advanced and virtually perfect managed it service could be slacking behind the competition. That is where the perfective CMMS comes into play and takes the load off your plate. This methodology carefully considers all touch points of your IT infrastructure and keeps it up-to-date in each aspect. 

Do you need a more generous set of features to satisfy your customers? Do you need more modules to keep your employees working smoothly? Do you need to simplify the transactions to make them faster? Perfective software basically automates the identification potential improvement areas and gives you the tools to act on this information. 

The trade-off of perfect IT maintenance

Naturally, keeping up with the times and outpacing your direct competition comes at a great price. To set up the Perfective IT maintenance, you will spend a healthy chunk of time and money. Instant feedback from 360 degrees around the company is essential to spot improvement areas as soon as possible. 

You also need to profoundly understand what the competitors are doing and how you compare with them at any given point. Then comes the execution part - extensive upgrades, modifications, and tweaks could halter your routine operations significantly, producing bottlenecks and downtime in the workflow. “System is upgrading. Please stand by” might be a frequent message for your employees and customers. All of this directly keeps you competitive, but the cost of continuous progress might be a huge one sometimes. 

What you need to consider

Implementing a bona fide perfective IT maintenance is not a small task. With this methodology, your company willingly agrees to complicate daily workflow in the short run. However, the long run of the perfective approach will unquestionably bring immense value to your growth and competitiveness. The trick here is to understand if you have the resources and manpower to execute this IT maintenance system flawlessly. Perfective IT maintenance will be a smooth, seamless helper for your progress If you manage to set it up elegantly. But elegance in this case requires money, extensive maintenance schedules and profound knowledge of IT. So, before you decide to jump in, you should create an air-tight plan with all expenses considered. No company wants to implement an IT maintenance system and realize in the middle that they don’t have enough resources to reach the promised land! 

4. Adaptive IT maintenance

We live in an age of uninterrupted technological progress. Cutting-edge digital solutions are becoming obsolete mere months after their implementation. Software solutions across the globe adapt to new challenges and opportunities to help us manage work, processes, and customer relationships with higher quality and quantity. 

Therefore, the software that helps you today might require a sizeable overhaul in the near future. Adaptive IT maintenance transforms your IT infrastructure to better suit whatever change you’re going through as a business. Whether you are implementing a new inventory management system, a software platform, or even a brand-new mobile app, adaptive IT maintenance helps you modify and improve your existing IT systems to accomplish these new goals. 

Trade-offs of Adaptive IT maintenance

New ways of managing your company’s productivity, growth, and operations are emerging almost daily. We are discovering new insights about constructing a perfectly functioning company that grows without limits. In 2022, this task has become more complex than ever. This need for constant adaptation takes a heavy toll on your existing IT systems. Having an effective managed it support services can go a long way toward making your life easier and letting you easily implement new changes. 

However, adaptive maintenance activities will prove themselves quite costly over time. Some companies utilize this methodology only when the need arises. Others have dedicated maintenance teams that have the sole job of coordinating the required changes to their IT capabilities. Both approaches can be justified depending on your company’s unique circumstances. 

What you need to consider

Just like the perfective IT maintenance, the adaptive methodology is not an absolute necessity for your company’s IT-related health. Adaptive software maintenance serves as a handy tool to make things easier for you in the frantically changing digital environment. So, the main question here is whether you actually need to perfectly keep up with every possible digital advancement in your field. In some industries, slacking off in terms of digital technology means total defeat. 

However, many companies across the globe are not as heavily dependent on their IT systems to be best-in-class. Therefore, adaptive solutions could either be a saving grace for your company or an unnecessary hole that piles up expenses. It all comes down to smartly analyzing what you need and when you need it. A one-off adaptive practice can be just as effective as a dedicated management tool. So, you should carefully weigh all of the internal and external factors before diving in and getting yourself a routine maintenance solution that only serves adaptability. 

In conclusion, Your company’s IT health is important, but you don’t need to spend a fortune on it

The world of IT maintenance systems is diverse and accommodates companies of all shapes and sizes. Although there are four distinct methodologies, they do not cancel each other out. A company might require any combination of these maintenance solutions. The bad news is that it takes months and years to come up with a perfect maintenance system for your company. The good news is that you don’t have to do it yourself. Various managed service providers worldwide can take that burden off your chest and provide you with an actionable plan to keep your IT up-and-running. 

The MSP companies came to popularity with their masterful ability to analyze your company needs and provide the IT maintenance that makes sense for you. No additional costs, or unnecessary procedures that bloat your daily routine. Just a smooth IT maintenance system which combines corrective, preventive, perfective, and adaptive qualities where they are necessary. 

It’s not enough to understand what types of IT maintenance can do for your company. You should also ask yourself whether you even need that maintenance. 

So, if you are currently searching for a seamless way to fortify your company’s IT-related vitality, bringing in experienced IT maintenance professionals to come up with a game plan and execution might be your best way to go! 

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