Tech Trends 2020: Part 3 - Seamless Data Integration

The technology industry is on the cusp of a groundbreakingyear in terms of new, exciting developments that will impact the future. Amongthe most innovative tech trends to watch for in 2020 are the emergence of the distributedcloud and the influence of 3D printing.

As cloud adoption increases among companies and individualusers, so too does the demand for more seamless data integration betweendifferent geographic locations. This is where the concept of distributed cloudcomes in.

Distributedcloud is the application of cloud computing technologies to connect dataand applications served from different geographic locations. Moving from usingcentralized data locations to using distributed cloud technology reduces theimportance of geography for companies. It will no longer matter where the cloudis located because the data center can function anywhere, helping to reducelatency and regulatory challenges like data authority and control.

The concept of 3D printing has been around for many yearsand its adoption rate continues to rise, with the industry predicted to surpass$35 billion by 2024. This tremendous rate of growth representsopportunities for businesses across industries.

For example, 3D printing has helped revolutionize bothgeneral and specialized sectors of healthcare by introducing innovative useslike bioprinting and personalized prosthetics. Due to its tremendous potential,the trend continues to expand with advances expected in:

  • Smaller and more cost-effective prosthetics
  • Potential for bone replication and bone-grafting
  • Pharmaceutical implications, such aspatient-specific dosages for medications

As 3D printing operations continue to grow and evolve,companies will see a greater need for software and hardware products which playa major role in the automation process of 3D printing. The implementation of 3Dprinting technology in business is trending toward creating greaterproductivity and maximizing the use of materials – indisputable wins in anyindustry.

Though these advancements may not necessarily occur in 2020,they are on the horizon and moving closer to becoming reality every day, whichis an exciting notion for consumers and companies alike.

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