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The business data-backup solution that can withstand any emergency

SMEs in Chicago can't stop raving about this exact-fit, easy-to-use data backup and security system that is cutting business costs by 40%

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70% of SMEs go out of business within a year of losing their data

You need a solid plan to ensure your company data is fully backed up, secure and readily available incase of any data breaches. It takes 10 years to build a business and just 1 clever hack or employee mistake to lose all it's data. The fact is no business is safe from out of bounds...
Anthony - CEO of AJTC Chicago.
“AJTC has a long-standing history and a respected client base. We look forward to establishing new relationships and to collaborate on achieving your vision.”
Anthony Giacobbe, CEO

Did you know that

•  Over 80% of data breaches occur due to human errors; people work for you, and they make mistakes.

• Viruses and Malware aren't outdated, they are still amongst the top 3 ways data gets lost within a business.

• From hurricanes to fires, disasters always come when you least expect them and can have a devastating impact on your business.

• About 23,000 cyberattacks take place daily in the United States, 61% are targeted at smaller businesses, unlike popular opinion.

Your options as a forward-thinking business owner...

A. Strategize backups yourself

Get all the data security, backup and recovery software and hardware you find; take some time out to learn the ins and outs of every single tool and hardware.

Pros: You'd end up with some IT knowledge, after well over a year of dedicated study and neglecting your business. 

Cons: You would have successfully left your business to run itself into the ground, by majoring on a task that isn't your immediate business. 

B. Hire a team

Employ a highly qualified team of tech experts, get them the resources they need to ensure you are fully backed up, secure and unaffected by any data breaches.

Pros: You have a team you can rely on to handle and data issues on the spot. You can focus on growing your business, while they focus on keeping you in business.

Cons: Initial difficulty finding the right staff with great experience and trust profile. You spend a fortune on securing these talents and a great deal of time integrating them into your business. If they don't have enough knowledge in any aspect, you spend more paying for trainings or outsourcing the task to an established tech company.

C. Outsource to an established IT company

Completely outsource your data security, backup and recovery process to a highly experienced and concerned MSP (managed service provider), and go about your business, while they do all they can to ensure your data is 100% protected.

Pros: You get the results of a full time team of tech experts at a fraction of the cost of staffing. They laser in, with all their years of experience and knowledge of best practices working for multiple clients, and ensure there are no loopholes. 

Cons: While they may prove to be the significantly cheaper option, more cost may be incurred in purchasing multiple softwares and hardwares (that may also become a weak link, risking the company's data even more).

AJTC is your option C, with an edge...

We offer Fortune-500-standard data backup and security, tailored-fit your current business size, needs and goals; at a price that makes sense to you

In need of sophisticated IT management?

We're around the corner

Our futuristic data protection system backs up your data in real time. You can say goodbye to overnight backups and bottlenecks in the backup process, we get the job done in only minutes.

A whole new meaning to "responsive"

Deleted a file only to find out it contains important information? it doesn't matter whether you realised after 2 seconds or 2 weeks, you can recover the file; fully hydrated, ready to use.

Even grandma can operate it

Our software of choice is incredibly easy to use on a day to day basis. Matter of fact, once set up, it essentially operates itself, with basic touch-of-button modifications when needed.

One simple virtual tool

We do not use legacy backup systems that delay productivity, are damageable and require additional tools that end up tripling the cost of IT. We use a single tool for all your workflow needs, including onsite and off-site backup.

Instant (77x faster) Virtual Machine recovery

Our data backup system harnesses the disruptive power of virtualization. It took under 1.88 minutes to perform an instant recovery of a 200GB vSphere VM, compared to 2.4 hours for standard VM recovery from an image-based backup on disk using a legacy backup tool. It's data protection beyond anything you could have imagined.

Managed IT Services - Free Consultation.

At AJTC, our super power is our ability to understand your business model and workflow; make an unbiased assessment of your present data security level and chart out a plan for you to achieve maximum security in record time and at the least possible cost.

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AJTC consists of a team of IT experts with more than 35 years of combined experience, in areas such as IT support, network infrastructure services, integrated IT solutions, Windows server deployment, in-home support and web development.

For years, we have been providing top-notch
IT services and solutions to businesses of all sizes in the Chicago metropolitan area.

Delivering tailored-fit IT solutions and excellent customer service, while applying cost efficiency is our key focus.

Managed IT Services - AJTC expert team.

But don't just take our word for it! 

John Keigher

Urban Farmer

"Over the last 4 years we have grown from just having 100 employees and operating out of one location to now having over 600 employees operating out multiple locations. AJTC expertise and guidance allowed us to always be ready for rapid growth due to their extremely structured business model and has easily kept up with our infrastructure and support demands. They truly operate as an extension of our business as if they were our own in-house IT department.”

Dr. Chris Farley

Krates Eye Center

"AJTC was instrumental in bringing our practice into the digital age when we began working with them over 10 years ago. Since then, they have continued to provide our practice with the service and tools needed as the technology has evolved and grown. Their expertise in servicing the medical industry has allowed them to understand the core needs and workflows of our business and our group has been very satisfied working with the entire team."

Mike Budde Jr.

Budde Marketing Systems

“Our relationship with the team at AJTC began with a complete overhaul of our company’s IT infrastructure almost 10 years ago. Since then, AJTC has grown to function as an extension of our own IT department. From on-site and remote support, to custom software development and database management; AJTC has played a large role in our company’s success and growth over the years.”

Mike Carney


“It’s great working with a technology company like AJTC. They have the knowledge, experience, and resources to keep our network and people running smoothly. As a small business we rely on AJTC to do what they are good at so we can do what we are good at.”

How would you like a FREE, 1 hour, in-person meeting and analysis with us, right at your company?

We would look at your existing systems and draw out a strategic plan for you to attain 100% data security, cloud backup solutions and recovery in record time.
Not another hour-long sales pitch! We're bringing real value to you, right in your office.
AJTC - Discovery session - Managed IT Services.
“AJTC took really good care of us and made the transition easy and manageable. Their full service platform is great!”
Danyel Whalley, Cloos Robotic Welding

Here's what you get in the 1-hour discovery session

Know exactly what aspects of your IT environment are out to destroy your business; the weakest links hackers may be targeting in your corporation
Valued at: $1220

Pick our brain (and skillset) on any IT related issue you have at the office.
Valued at: $240

Now to the big question…

Why in the world would you want to drive into my office and give me all this value for free?

We have 2 big reasons why:

•  We're on a mission to ensure the continuity and success of Chicago Based SMEs. Being from the Chicago area ourselves, it's our way of giving back to society in one week.

• We're 100% certain that once you see the type of value we offer, you'd be absolutely hooked on our services and have no option but to work with us in ensuring the continuity and success of your business.

If we fail to provide the value we promised above, we will offer our solutions for free for 1 month

• We know it's a little extreme, but we 100% stand behind our claims. We keep your backups absolutely secure.

Disclaimer: This offer is only valid for the first 15 companies that sign up. We would be sending our top IT personnel (our founder and CEO, Anthony) over for the 1 hour session. There's only so much he can handle during the one week dedicated for this..

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