Protect Your Password from the Dark Web

Our data, both personal and business-related, is constantly atrisk. Cybercriminals are on the lookout for data such as passwords and othercredentials that can be used to take over accounts of all kinds. Furthercomplicating the matter is the fact that this type of digital theft is rewardedon the dark web. Criminals can sell and trade the data for further financialgain. It is estimated there are 9.5 billion passwords and 10.5 billionemails for sale on the dark web.

What can you do to protect your information from ending up on thedark web? Here are a few tips to protect your passwords and other data.

Do not reuse passwords. Using the same password, or similarvariations of it, across many accounts is risky. Once a cybercriminal has yourpassword, he can access any accounts which use that password. This puts yourfinancial information and personal data at significant risk. Instead, considerusing a password manager to mitigate the threat of having your accounts hacked.A password manager has security measures in place, including multi-factorauthentication, which make it very difficult for a cybercriminal to break intoyour account.

Regular monitoring. Even if you are diligent about protectingyour private information, there is still a possibility that criminals willfind, or have already found, a way to steal your personal or financial data.Signing up for credit monitoring and regularly checking reports are proactivesteps toward identifying any theft as early as possible. If you suspect yourinformation has been compromised, take the additional step to freeze yourcredit in order to prevent future damage such as new accounts being opened inyour name.

Avoid using public wi-fi networks. Publicwi-fi networks are convenient and provide access nearly everywhere. Thesecurity risks of using public wi-fi, however, are significant. Cybercriminalsstand ready to intercept your valuable information on these public networks soimportant or sensitive information should not be accessed in the public domain.Keep these bestpractices and tips in mind when accessing public wi-fi networks.

The monetization of data makes it even more critical for people tostay vigilant in protecting their data and credentials from falling into thewrong hands. Being aware of the dark web and its potential for danger is theinitial step in safeguarding sensitive and important information. Understandinghow to keep your information safe will help prevent it from ending up on thedark web. 

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