Tech Spring Cleaning Part IV: Check Your Backup Plans

The thought of losing personal or sensitive data is enoughto cause anyone anxiety or a few sleepless nights. Backing up important dataregularly helps ensure a company can continue to function in the event of adata breach, data loss, or natural disaster. Do you know what your company’sbackup plan is? Are you sure your company has a backup plan? Taking proactivesteps to establish a data backup plan before you need it can save hours ofanguish and stress should your business’s data become compromised or lost inthe future.

Why Do You Need a Data Backup Plan?

Regular data backups offer peace of mind for your businessand help your company maintain consistent operations. Data loss leads torevenue loss and can be disastrous for a company. Establishing processes toprevent data loss is necessary in a world where data security is more importantthan ever. Data breach incidents continue to rise and depending on the size ofthe violation, can lead to revenue losses in the thousands or millions ofdollars.

In addition to the monetary loss, there is the cost of lost productivitytime and network downtime. When employees are not able to access data andinformation they need to do their jobs, the company is unable to perform onbehalf of their clients. Regularly backing up important data, such asfinancial, proprietary, or other sensitive information, helps ensure a companycan continue its operations quickly and seamlessly.

What is Your Backup Plan?

Companies have several options when it comes to backing upimportant data. Your data backup process may depend on your company’s size, thetype of information you handle, the technology budget, and other factors. Nomatter your company’s situation, it is a good practice to implement more thanone backup process to ensure your data is protected. Some of the best databackup options include:

  • Cloud storage, such as Dropbox, Google Drive,OneDrive, iCloud, and more
  • USB stick
  • External hard drive
  • Network attached storage

How Should You Implement a Data Backup?

Enlisting the help and guidance of a managed servicesprovider is a smart move when it comes to data backup. Managed services providers,like AJTC, offer backupand disaster recovery services for companies of all sizes. Partnering witha managed services provider takes the guesswork out of your data backupprocess. Experts like AJTC are highly skilled in developing, implementing, andmanaging a seamless and secure data backup plan.

Working with an MSP to implement a data backup plan alsosaves you or your company time and energy to devote to other tasks. Taking theresponsibility of your company’s data backup plan off your team’s to-do listand into the hands of a managed services provider relieves stress on yourbusiness resources.

AJTC’s team of experts will help guide your company throughthe process of developing a data backup strategy that will lead to greater datasecurity. Reach out to AJTC today at 708.942.8200 or contact the AJTC team here.

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