Tech Spring Cleaning Part II: Protect Your Devices

In our continuing series on tech spring cleaning, we’llexplore additional ways to not only maintain but improve your devices. Wepreviously discussed the importanceof updating your devices and the next step is protecting your devices. Hereare a few tips for protecting your phone, tablet, computer, and other devices.

Use a password or PIN

Keeping your device locked with a password or PersonalIdentification Number (PIN) is one of the easiest steps one can take to protecttheir device. Locking your device with a password or code protects them in theevent that they fall into the wrong hands. Your locked device containssensitive and private information that needs to be kept from criminals.

Implement multi-factor authentication

Unique passwords are the first line of defense when it comesto protecting your device and data from cybercriminals. As an extra securitylayer, consider implementing multi-factor authentication. Multi-factorauthentication requires a user to provide more than one type of credentialfrom independent categories in order to gain access. These categories includeknowledge (something a user knows), possession (something a user has), andinherence (something a user is) factors.

Watch your connection

Connecting no matter where you are is easier than everbefore. Wi-Fi networks are not necessarily considered secured; any user canaccess an unsecured network without a password if that user is in range. PublicWi-Fi should not be used to access sensitive or private information, such asonline banking info, health data, or credit card information. Using VPNtechnology is a more secure alternative to Wi-Fi and allows users to accessprivate information while maintaining privacy through data encryption.

Stay on top of device updates

Software updates have many benefits to users and help keephackers from infiltrating your devices. Updates include not only securitypatches, but also include new or enhanced software features, improvecompatibility, and boost the overall performance and stability of the software.Keeping your device up to date also helps fend off viruses and reduces thelikelihood of passing along any viruses to others.

Protecting your device, whether it’s a phone, tablet,computer, or other item, requires diligence and regular monitoring. Partneringwith the tech experts at AJTC will help you protect your company’s devices anddata from falling into the hands of cybercriminals. Contact AJTC today to learn more aboutIT security and other services. You may also visitAJTC here or call 708.942.8200.

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