Protect IT: Wi-Fi Safety Tips

Wi-Fiis a wireless technology that provides high-speed internet and networkconnections. Public Wi-Fi networks are very convenient and are accessiblenearly everywhere we are. Whether it is the neighborhood coffee shop, the hotelwe are staying in, or the library we visit, Wi-Fi is readily available. Though Wi-Fimakes our lives easier, it is not without security risks. When using Wi-Fiservices our personal information could be vulnerable to cybercriminals.

Secured and unsecured networks

Public Wi-Fi networks are either considered unsecured orsecured. A user can access an unsecured network without a password or login andif the user is within the network’s range. A secured network, as its nameimplies, requires some form of credentials – a password or agreeing to terms –before it can be accessed. Connecting to a secured network is preferred, but regardlessof the network type always use caution when accessing public Wi-Fi.

Be smart when connecting

Here are a few tips to consider when connecting to a publicWi-Fi network.

  • Online banking or financial accounts should notbe accessed on public Wi-Fi. Even if the connection is secured there is a riskthat your sensitive information will be compromised when it travels across anetwork. You should also refrain from online shopping while on a public Wi-Finetwork.
  • Disable automatic connectivity when it is not inuse. Although this allows a user to seamlessly connect the automatic settingcould connect you to an unfamiliar network or one you would otherwise not use.The convenience benefit of automatic connectivity does not outweigh the risks. 
  • Avoid online shopping on public Wi-Fi. Making aretail purchase online could expose banking or credit card information as wellas your account credentials.
  • Consider a virtualprivate network (VPN) solution when using public Wi-Fi. VPN technologyallows you to access your private information while maintaining your privacythrough data encryption.
  • Be aware of your Bluetooth connectivity. Stayingconnected to Bluetooth outside of your home or other trusted network leavesyour device vulnerable to risk and creates a cybersecurity threat.

Using public Wi-Fi, while convenient, is not without itsrisks. Public Wi-Fi has its benefits assuming users are educated and aware ofbest practices for using the technology. The experts at AJTC stay ahead of allthe latest technology trends and have the specialized knowledge required toprotect your company’s data.  Contact AJTC today to learn more aboutIT security and other services. You may also visitAJTC here or call 708.942.8200.

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