Drive Your Productivity: Partner with an MSP

Ideally, your business functions like a well-oiled machineand is humming along. All segments are operating according to the strategy andemployees are busy and productive. Inevitably, an issue will arise that willbring to light the need for technology preparedness. Whether it’s a networkcrash, a data breach, or an unplanned outage, businesses will experience theseevents and productivity – and the company’s bottom line – will suffer.

To avoid downtime and stay ahead of technology issues,companies are partneringwith managed services providers. MSPs offer many features which arebeneficial to companies of all types.

Proactive and continuity solutions

It is estimated that the averagecost of IT downtime is $5,600 per minute which could be disastrous for asmall- or medium-sized business. Collaborating with an MSP affords a companythe advantages of business continuity solutions such as backups and disasterrecovery. Proactive technology solutions, such as network monitoring, areessential for a company’s stability and overall operations. These types ofsolutions can prevent a small technology issue from turning into a majorcrisis.


Prioritizing data and systems security are critical for allcompanies due to the barrage of risks they face each day. Data breaches, hacking,cybersecurity threats, human error, and natural disasters are serious issuesaffecting businesses. Managed services providers have the knowledge of the mostcurrent threat detection technologies to protect a company.

Cost savings

Hiring a full-time IT staff and manager is not feasible forall companies. Budget and resource constraints often limit how a companymanages its technology needs. Managed services providers are a cost-effectivesolution to hiring full-time IT resources. That cost savings can then bereinvested into the company, contributing to future growth.

Long-term strategy

Implementing technology solutions contributes to a company’slong-term strategy and growth. Having the expertise of a managed servicesprovider means a business reaps the rewards of the latest and most creative technologyand trends. Partnering with an MSP not only enhances a company’s technologysystems, but also its internal and external communications, project management,and competitive standing.

A productive company is a successful one. Partnering with anMSP allows a business to quickly and expertly resolve technology issues toavoid unnecessary downtime and revenue loss.

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