What is an MSP?

If you work in the technology sector, you have likely heard the term "MSP. "Businesses of all sizes are discovering the benefits of working with an MSP. A Managed Services Provider (MSP) delivers business solutions to customers at the right time on a cost-efficient basis. But what exactly is an MSP, and should you partner with one?

In the most basic terms, an MSP is an outsourced partner that provides IT and other technology solutions which can be packaged and customized foreach client. MSPs can handle a variety of tasks for companies and reduces the need for "break/fix "methods. These services include:

  • Managing the IT and network infrastructure
  • Providing integrated IT services and helpdesk solutions
  • Proactive monitoring of all systems
  • Implementing backup and disaster recovery processes

By partnering with and managing relationships with vendors, MSPs create efficiencies in processes, leading to increased productivity. Companies have more time to focus on growing their own business and revenue while MSPs handle any technology issues that may arise. Additionally, MSPs help reduce technology-related costs and typically offer inclusive monthly plans which can be scaled up or down, depending on business needs.

MSPs are becoming even more valuable to companies in all industries by branching out into other areas of technology services. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), "the influence of service providers is not restricted to servers and storage, as the rapid growth of these companies will see them account for a growing share of other IT market categories from software to telecom services."

MSPs can serve as a great partner for companies of all sizes and the immediate expertise afforded by an MSP can prove to be invaluable for clients. Would you like to learn how an MSP can help your business thrive? Contact AJ Technology Company or call 708.942.8200.

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