Does Your Business Have an Effective BDR Plan?

Backup Disaster Recovery (BDR) is one of those things that allbusinesses must have in case of disaster. From a natural disaster to a hackerattack, a catastrophe could permanently disable your business if you are notprepared or do not have a proper backup plan. For those of you still backing updata manually on tapes or *cringe* not at all, here are some reasons why youneed a BDR solution and should stop tuning out potential disasters.

First,a data disaster is more common than you might think. Currently, 58% of SMBs arenot prepared for data loss. Even worse, 60% of SMBs that lose their data willshut down within six months. Something that could have been prevented couldpotentially wreck your business, especially scary to think about when 29% ofhard drive failures are caused by accident. It would be silly to have human error,or a simple mishap, put your company out of business.

Youmay have security protocols in place and your employees are well-versed inavoiding things like malware. However, this does not ensure full protection.Human error is a major culprit in data loss. From unintentionally deletingitems to accidentally overwriting data, these “oops” can hit hard. Human errorcan result in other kinds of hardware damage like liquid damage from spills oreven accidental reformatting. Recovery might be possible, but these aretime-consuming and money-wasting errors to fix.

Virusesand malware can cause significant software or hardware damage depending on whatkind of bug found its way in. Usually, this can be avoided with proper employeetraining as well as a firewall that will help filter malicious attacks. Yetanother threat is social engineering – the art of conning people. Hackers havebeen known to get into server rooms and other data-centric areas of thebusiness. Employees may not even notice their mistake until it’s too late.

Sometimessoftware corruption can come from unknown viruses lurking around your computer.However, most of the time it is due to improper usage. Actions like notshutting down the computer properly or leaving unsaved documents open cancorrupt your system. Even a power outage can trigger corruption. Once thesoftware processes are interrupted and damaged, it’s virtually impossible torecover data stored in the software.

Didyou know that 140,000 hard drives crash every week? That is not a comfortableposition to be in if you know you don’t have backup. Unfortunately, hard drivecorruption is usually due to mechanical issues. Things like age and dust build-upcan (and will) cause technology to fail. We’ve all used the old laptop that’sbeen on its deathbed for months, freezing frequently and taking forever toload. These are all signs of an impending crash and warning signs to actagainst losing your data.

Finally,good old-fashioned acts of God can be catastrophic to your business. By thetime you hear the tornado siren, it’s too late to start backing up your data.You don’t know when a natural disaster will hit, so be proactive and have a BDRplan in place.

Thismay seem like an exaggeration, but it has happened to many businesses. And evenif only hypothetical, it makes for a great metaphor for any other crash withinyour business. This is also proof that on-site BDRs may not always be the finalprotective cover to your business. You may want to consider off-site or clouddata storage to ensure protection, so your data is safe even if your equipmentis destroyed.

Protectyour business and keep it running smoothly and successfully. Backup DisasterRecovery options are available for all kinds of SMBs and their needs. Protectyour important data and enjoy the peace of mind that comes along with it.You’ve worked too hard to get your business where it is. Protect your hardwork.

The technology experts at AJTC can protect your company withBackup and Disaster Recovery solutions to suit your business. Contact AJTC today to learn more about our BDR andother services. You may also visit AJTChere or call 708.942.8200.

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