The Role of an MSP in Uncertain Times

In these unprecedented times, companies have been forced to adapt to working remotely and adjust the way its employees conduct everyday business. Now more than ever, companies of all sizes and in all industries are turning to managed services providers (MSPs) for support and guidance. Here are a few ways an MSP can help support your company during the ongoing health crisis.

Serve as an advisor

MSPs partner with companies to stay ahead of technology trends. In times of uncertainty, managed services providers become consultants and advisors. MSPs, like AJTC, can serve as an extension of your team and determine how to most effectively meet your business needs. MSPs help you find the business solutions that fit your budget and meet your company's goals.

Enforce data security regulations

Cyber threats are growing increasingly common and more complex. It is an unfortunate fact that many hackers see times like this as an opportunity to exploit security weaknesses and threats. MSPs help businesses maintain security in networks, email, web, and more. Security is vital to keeping a business afloat and protecting proprietary and other important data and information. Comprehensive data security solutions, like two-factor authentication and encryption, help mitigate and even prevent security breaches.

Navigate technology challenges

Working remotely can take some companies and employees out of their comfort zones, and when technology challenges arise it is even more apparent that things are out of the norm. MSPs are available to troubleshoot issues and solve any problems that might arise. If there is a technology challenge, no matter big or small, an MSP is at the ready to develop a solution.

Align technology with client needs

Managed services providers are experts in aligning the appropriate technology with a client's needs and budget. Technology solutions are rarely "one size fits all." MSPs work closely to understand a client's goals, resources, and budget to determine what solutions are the best fit for a company at that time.

Help companies stay connected through innovative solutions

Unprecedented times may call for innovative technology solutions. MSPs have expertise in and knowledge of all the latest tech trends and solutions. MSPs provide collaborative tools, like VoIP phone systems,to assist businesses in staying connected and meeting goals. Companies partnering with MSPs have access to resources, vendors, and other tech resolutions that companies without this partnership may not have.

MSPs are an invaluable partner to businesses navigating uncertain times. AJTC stands ready to create and implement solutions to best meet a company's needs. Learn more about AJTC here or call 708.942.8200.

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