Is Your Company's Info Architecture Effective?

Information Architecture (IA) is the system by which a company's content is organized, structured, and labeled. For a business to have an effective IA, users must be able to easily find the information needed to complete their assigned tasks. To put it another way, IA serves as the blueprint by which a company's data and information is organized.

The concept of information architecture can seem complicated, but its goal is to simplify and bring order to data organization. Let's break down information architecture a bit further to better understand how an effective system can change the way business gets done.

Enhances business models

A company can amass a wealth of data over time, but that data is only as valuable as how it is organized. After all, what good is information if people don't know where to find it or how to use it? Arranging information in such a way that it is easily understandable helps streamline processes, improve productivity and ultimately, enhance the bottom line.

Impacts the user experience

A well-structured IA should be developed with the end user in mind. Arranging, organizing, and presenting content in an intuitive way improves the overall user experience and increases the likelihood that the user can find and process the necessary information in an efficient manner. Those designing information architecture should consider how users will look for, use, and disseminate the content and structure it in a way that makes the most logical sense.

Grows with your company

Information architecture should be adaptable and be able to easily grow with a business's changing needs. As a company grows and evolves, it will become necessary that the way it organizes its information will too. An effective IA is built with the future, and the potential for change, in mind.

Information architecture requires careful consideration and planning in order to be impactful. Whether a company is planning for its website or for its internal data systems, IA carries significant importance within a project.

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