4 Hosted Services an MSP Can Provide

When it comes to reliability, a managed services provider offers small- and medium-sized businesses significant competitive advantages. Harnessing the power of hosted IT solutions is a major way a company can maximize the benefits of working with an MSP. Reliable hosted, cloud-based solutionsprovide companies with easy access and vast cost savings. The following services are among those offered by managed services providers.


Hosted Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) offers a modern solution to business phone service by using an internet-based, rather than a landline, connection. By partnering with providers of cloud-based phone systems, MSPs can offer reliable and cost-effective services to small- and medium-sized businesses. 


Optimization and efficiency are key factors to success in businesses of all sizes. Hosted servers are an excellent option for any company seeking to realize their technology needs without spending an exorbitant amount of money. Cloud-based, hosted servers offer a scalability that is not found with other solutions. By working with resources in a virtual environment and not a physical one, companies pay only for what they use, allowing for wide-ranging flexibility and cost savings.

Web Hosting

Online success depends heavily on a website's performance. A site's functionality can make or break a business so having the most optimized resources will ensure a site has the maximum uptime and most reliable service. Customized website hosting solutions can be designed to suit an individual company's specific technology needs. Whether it's helping a company establish a web presence or upgrading existing services, a managed services provider can take on these tasks.

Email Security

Secure and protected email is more important than ever, as threats become more pervasive across all platforms. Managed services providers typically have cross-functional expertise and understand the specific compliance, regulatory, and security requirements across industries.

Companies that partner with a managed services provider will quickly realize the benefits of hosted services. An MSP offers businesses reliability, efficiency, and scalability so IT solutions do not take up unnecessary time or money. With customized technology solutions, a company can keep its focus on its growth and success.

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