Maximize uptime with our server monitoring in Chicago IL

AJTC monitors clients' server performance and alerts them about potential issues before they become business-affecting. Keep your system reliable with the least downtime.

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Get complete visibility into your server health and performance

The performance of your server can make or break your business. It can directly impact the delivery of your business's critical services.

With our network status monitoring , you can understand how your server performs, including processes, disk usage, memory consumption, CPU usage, and more.

Identify how you can improve your server's overall performance, maintain 99,9% server uptime for your users, and get the most out of your technology.

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No-hassle, scalable and 100% reliable server monitoring services

Looking for a solution that ensures your infrastructure and servers are being actively monitored to prevent potential problems before they even arise?

This is where AJTC comes into play. With our server monitoring solutions, you will experience significantly increased visibility and performance that will help you allocate your IT support services better.

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Comprehensive server monitoring services

Proactive server monitoring services are one of the best ways to maintain maximum uptime without breaking your bank account. Server downtime results in extreme costs, such as lost productivity, lost sales opportunities, or penalties for not adhering to SLA requirements.

Server maintenance

Increase the server uptime and reduce the load and your memory usage with our manual and automated server maintenance services at regular intervals. Keep your servers up and running and avoid data loss or downtime.

Server monitoring setup

One of the most important steps toward having reliable servers is constructing a structure that will tight together server elements. This is the core fundamental of server monitoring services.

Installation of monitoring servers

Here, AJTC provides complete informative guidelines for the initial setup of your server monitoring solutions. Along with that, we also assist our clients in making changes to their servers.

On-premise monitoring

We look after your in-house server after setting it up, whether it is about Windows, Linux, or Unix. Besides this, we can also monitor the applications running on your server, ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Cloud monitoring server

With such a huge increase in virtualization, AJTC understands that companies are in search of cloud-based servers like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and others. As a result, our engineers are providing rigorous 24/7 monitoring of the cloud servers.

Secure, safe, and scalable

We stand tall on our promise of keeping all your data safe and confident. With our constant monitoring, we prevent all malicious activities. AJTC is your one-stop shop for server monitoring needs - plus, you can upgrade our services anytime.

Optimize server performance

Flawless features of our server monitoring services in Chicago

For each and every IT-related company, it is of the utmost importance to have in-depth monitoring of the servers on a regular basis. Juggling your core business functions while taking care of your server needs is not an easy task. Let our engineers inspect the loopholes and increase your server performance.

Huge checks

Do scheduled backups, check for viruses, fix Windows disruptions, and handle "events" automatically using the best server monitoring solution.

Full visibility

Check your server health and performance and find out what you can do to improve shortcomings slowing down your operations.

Frees up your valuable resources

Effortlessly reallocate your limited and valuable IT resources to prepare for project implementation or achieving goals.

Increased performance

Stay ahead with the most advanced automated alerts - don't let problems impact your server performance and lead to downtime.

Server monitoring with AJTC

The dedicated and highly trained engineers at AJTC will partner with you to completely understand your IT environment and tailor solutions to your needs.

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