What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

It is likely that you have seen the term “Internet ofThings” (IoT) used in articles you’ve read and more broadly in the media. Theterm is being used regularly, but what does it mean? Why is it important toyou? We’ll cover the definition, its importance in the technology landscape,and the potential impact IoT could have on the future of life and work.

What is IoT?

In the simplest terms, the Internetof Things is a powerful concept in which any device with an on or offswitch can be connected to the internet and to other connected devices. The IoTis a giant network of connected things and people, all which collect and sharedata on how they are used.

When we say the IoT includes “things” we are speaking aboutan astounding (incalculable, really) number of objects. Cell phones, tablets,and wearable devices may come immediately to mind when thinking of thisconcept. But the IoT also includes common household items like speakers, lamps,coffee makers, washing machines, and countless others. Self-driving cars arethe latest in the list of everyday connected items to join the Internet ofThings.

Why is IoT Important?

IoT’s importance in today’s landscape cannot be overstated. TheIoT touches nearly everything we do; it exists in our homes, our workplace, ourcars, and nearly every other location we visit. It creates efficiencies in theway we operate in our everyday lives and ultimately makes it easier for us toaccomplish nearly every task we undertake. It has been referred to as “themost important development of the 21st century,” and helpsreduce the amount of human effort needed in many aspects of life.

What is IoT’s Potential Impact?

Given IoT’s proliferation into every corner of our world,and the rapid pace with which it has done so, the Internet of Things has thepotential to have an immense impact on our lives. Analytics data can beaccessed and analyzed faster and more accurately than before the IoT wasdeveloped. Manufacturing processes are optimized as a result of the Internet ofThings; costs are reduced, and quality is improved across products. The IoTcould revolutionize the healthcare industry through remote patient monitoring,and even remotely administering medication.

We are living in an exciting time as the IoT begins totransform the way we do business. Being so connected has countless benefits,but also requires a strong technology partner who understands the happeningsand trends in the digital world. AJTC can help you or your business realize thebenefits of IoT and how it will revolutionize the way business is done. Contact AJTC today to learn more aboutIT security and other services. You may also visitAJTC here or reach us at 708.942.8200.

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