What Data Should be Protected?

You’reready to move ahead with Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) services. You’vedone your research and are excited to have the peace of mind that BDR brings tobusinesses. The next step is to identify what data you need to back up. Is itnecessary to back up all your data or can you narrow it down to essentialitems? Most companies want to back up everything – you never know when you’llneed it – but that can be cost-prohibitive.

Dependingon the type of BDR you’ve purchased, you will need to determine what data tostore and how frequently it will be backed up. There are three different kindsof back up in today’s tech world: straight-to-cloud services, software-basedproducts, and a hybrid approach that combines on-site hardware and softwarewith the cloud.

TheBDR solution you have chosen will impact the amount of data you can back up,back up frequency, how data is segmented, the back up process, andaccessibility. It isn’t necessary to back up all data every day, but there somethings you should consider.

First,your financial information should always be protected. Your accounting softwareshould monitor and automatically back up all financial data, includinginvoices, receivables, payroll, credit card transactions, and receipts. Allfinancial information is essential to your business and should be protected atall times.

Additionally,all intellectual property is critical and should be protected. Any data orinformation that provides your business with a competitive advantage in themarket should be backed up regularly. Computers and devices which store data oritems which could be compromised should be backed up daily.

Youshould also back up client files. Clients entrust your business with theirvaluable information and any type of breach will negatively impact clientconfidence in your company’s ability to keep their data safe. In addition toclient files, your company’s own client and prospect lists (anything stored inyour CRM) should be backed up. Cultivating your lists takes time and money, soprotect your valuable assets.

Projectmanagement software, including anything your business uses to keep track ofdaily activities and progress, should be backed up. In the event of a dataloss, having a back up of this data helps preserve project communication andkeeps projects moving.

In aperfect world your business would back up every piece of data in itspossession. However, this is not always a feasible or affordable option forcompanies.

Whenit comes to BDR, you ideally want to back up every piece of data that you have.Sometimes, though, this is impossible based on the cost involved in maintainingthat hefty data chain. At the bare minimum, keep these items in mind and youshould never have to deal with a business killing disaster.

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