The Role of Compliance in Avoiding a Breach

Understanding how each part ofyour business contributes to compliance is key in ensuring the right staffare involved at the appropriate time. Frequent communication about complianceand keeping the topic top of mind helps reinforce its importance to employees.

As critical as understanding the impact of compliance is for abusiness, it is just as critical to grasp the role of compliance in avoiding abreach. Compliance is a first line of defense for companies in protecting dataand sensitive information. Let’s take a closer look.

Create and execute data protection policies

Data is a driving force in many organizations and the amount ofdata handled and its level of sensitivity can vary across companies andindustries. What should be a constant in all companies is a data protectionpolicy. Data must be classified and policies around data handling, retention,and procedures should be outlined. If these policies are in place and adheredto, it helps mitigate the risk of a data breach.

Determine and manage data access

It might seem like common sense that highly sensitive informationshould be protected and not easily accessible to employees who have no reasonto access it. When dealing with data of any kind, it is imperative to setboundaries on who can see or access it as well as implement procedures tounderstand when, where, why, and how data is being used.

Continuously evaluate data protection policies

Data security is not a “set it and forget it” concept; it needsconstant attention and evaluation. Revisit your data compliance policiesfrequently to ensure they align with business goals and adhere to changes oradjustments in the law. Managing data risk on an ongoing basis helps yourbusiness stay ahead of and avoid any potential breaches or data missteps.

Adhering to established data policies is a step in the rightdirection to avoiding a data breach. Having a thorough understanding of dataaccess and management will limit the risk of data getting into the wrong handsor being used for purposes which it was not intended.

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