Tech Trends 2020: Part 4 - Hyper Automation

The technology landscape changes at breakneck speed, altersthe way we conduct business and boosts our productivity levels. Robotsand hyper automation are two factors contributing to the transformationwe are witnessing in technology today. The influence that robots and hyperautomation will have on the world is only beginning to be seen and willundoubtedly contribute major changes and benefits to the industry well into thefuture.

Robots have long been used in the manufacturing world tooptimize processes and improve overall efficiencies. And though roboticautomation is nothing new, its ability to revolutionize the business worldcontinues to surge.

Robots have played an essential role in healthcare in recentyears and it is likely that trend will continue to grow. Surgeons have reapedthe benefits of working with robots on minimally invasive surgeries as robotshave been assistingin the surgical suite for some time.

In the future it is expected that robots will serve in otherhealthcare support roles like assisting with patient rehabilitation, packagingmedical devices, and targeting therapy such as radiation to a specific part ofthe body.

The innovative technology advances attributed to robots arenot limited to healthcare and transcend industry and purpose. In fact, robotsare slated to be a major part of the 2020Olympic Games in Tokyo.

When digitization is combined with improved connectivity and artificial intelligence, the result is hyper automation. Hyper automation incorporates artificial intelligence and machine learning into existing systems with the goal of achieving more efficient and updated business solutions.

Hyper automation can have immense benefits for a company.However, the concept is complex, requires monitoring, and involves continuousassessment. Additionally, it is necessary to address compliance, consistency,and security when scaling operations.

Robots and hyper automation are revolutionary technologytrends to watch in 2020 and in years to come. Partnering with a technologyservices provider who has a deep understanding of these trends can bebeneficial to your business.

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