Tech Spring Cleaning Part V: Tips for Your Tech

As we wrap up our blog serieson tech spring cleaning, we would like to share several additional importanttips for data protection, security, and upkeep. The way we maintain our devicescontinues to evolve as they become more prevalent in our daily lives. Just likeour homes and other areas of our lives we have to remain diligent in keeping digitalclutter and unwanted junk at bay.

Maintain your data imprint

From time to time, ourdevices will operate slower than they normally do and this is a tell-tale signthat there are areas which need some maintenance. We’ll start with the firstand most obvious steps to take when paring down on clutter.

  • Delete oldmessages and photos
  • Free up space byremoving unnecessary texts, call history, and voicemails
  • Erase any old,duplicate, or unused contact information
  • Disable pre-loadedapps on your device that you never use

Cutting back on unneccesaryand unwanted data helps you in freeing up space on your device. You’ll alsolikely see improved and faster performance once you clear your device ofclutter.

Organize your digital life

These steps seem simple andstraightforward yet the challenge can come in finding time or remembering toperform these actions. Set yourself up for success when it comes to maintainingyour device and organizing your digital info.

  • Set up regularreminders to perform storage updates and execute them when necessary
  • Create filtersand categories for your inbox to automatically sort your email messages
  • Unsubscribe fromemail lists you no longer want or need to be a part of
  • Use Google Photosto store your photos and videos. This keeps device space free and allows you toeasily search your memories by keywords, geography, and more.

Keeping things automated oroff of your actual device can be a life saver when it comes to managing dataand maintaining the performance of your device. These steps will make it easierfor you stay organized and not reach the storage limit on your devices.

Establish a partnership to encourage digital growth

Working with an MSP to implement regular data updates onbusiness machines saves you or your company time and energy to devote to otherhigh-level tasks. Taking the responsibility of routine data maintenance andorganization off your team’s to-do list and into the hands of a qualifiedmanaged services provider relieves stress on your business resources.

AJTC’s team of experts will help guide your company throughthe process of developing a data maintenance and organization strategy thatwill lead to greater data security. Reach out to AJTC today at 708.942.8200 or contact the AJTC team here.

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