Tech Spring Cleaning Part I: Update Your Devices

Spring cleaning is effective in helping to bringorganization to your life, but it doesn’t only apply to your living space.Clearing out your closet is great, but it’s just as important to keep up withspring cleaning for your devices. When it comes to technology and springcleaning all devices need attention. Whether it’s your phone, tablet, laptop,or other device each of them requires some degree of spring cleaning. If youhave one device or many it is a best practice to maintain them.

Software Updates

One of the first steps to take when it comes to tech springcleaning is updating your devices. Providers release periodic updates in order to keep yourdevice functioning as well as possible. Installing updates improvescompatibility through security patches and software improvements. You mightfind that updating your devices leads to better overall performance. Updatescan help your device’s operating system run quicker and more smoothly.

Refreshed Security

Protecting your device through updates is one of the mosteffective ways to keep your device safe from becoming infected with a virus. Byupdating your device with available security patches and updates, you aretaking helpful measures in cybersecurity. Protecting your devices from virusesin turn helps the community you interact with online from getting a virus aswell.

Procrastination Leads to Vulnerability

Once an update is available for your device, make sure youinstall it right away. Your devices are vulnerable to threats until the updatesare installed. Devices will provide automatic reminder messages when an updateis available making it easy for users to install it as soon as it is available.The reminders will continue to pop up until the update is implemented.

Protecting your personal data and information is moreimportant than ever. Cyberthreats are becoming more prevalent, complex, anddamaging. Updating your device is an important step to take in protecting itfrom outside threats.

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