Protect IT: Importance of Security Updates

Hackers are hard at work on identifying new vulnerabilitiesand ways to exploit private and sensitive information. Cybercrime is on therise and companies of every size in every industry are at risk. Fortunately,installing software updates is an effective way to ensure your device isprotected and up to date.

Benefits of updating

Software updates deliver many benefits to users. Updates containnot only security patches, but also include new or enhanced software features,improve compatibility, and boost the overall performance and stability of thesoftware. The updates might also remove outdated features from your device.

Protecting your device ensures that your data is safe, butit’s also a measure you can take to protect others. If a virus infects yourdevice, there is a chance you could pass it on to friends, family, andcolleagues through your communications with them. Keeping your device securehelps the entire community you interact with online.

Don’t procrastinate when it comes to updates

When an update is available, an alert will appear on acomputer or device notifying the user that the update is ready to be installed.The alerts will continue to show up until the update is completed. Thenotifications can become a bit of a nuisance, so it is in the user’s bestinterest to install the update as soon as it is available to reap the benefitsof the most current security features. Rather than clicking “Remind me later,”choose to update at that time.

While computers usually require manual approval andinstallation prior to updating, software updates on mobile devices can beautomated making it easy for users to protect their devices. You may adjustthis preference in your mobile device settings to automate the update process. Giventhat mobile phone users are estimated to access atleast 30 apps a month, these updates are a critical first line of defenseagainst hackers.

Defend your data

The ease and convenience of conducting our daily activitiesdigitally has changed the way we operate. Online banking, booking reservations,checking email, and so many other activities are done online. Information is atour fingertips any time we want it.  Thisalso means that our sensitive data is stored in places outside of our controland is vulnerable to risks.

Software updates protect your information fromcybercriminals by applying necessary patches to security weaknesses. Havingupdated software and the most current operating system helps keep your data outof the hands of unsavory cybercriminals.

Protecting your personal data and information has never beenmore important. The experts at AJTC stay ahead of all the latest technologytrends and have the specialized knowledge required to protect your company’sdata.  Contact AJTC today to learn more aboutIT security and other services. You may also visitAJTC here or call 708.942.8200.

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