How AI Changed Information Management

Artificial intelligence impacts nearly every part of our lives andit is changing the way we manage information and data. AI is leading the way instreamlining how data is handled and making processes more efficient forbusinesses of all sizes. From document storage to data extraction, AI is advancingworkflows and ushering in a new era for document and information management.

In this latest AJTC blog, we will examine a few of the benefitscompanies are realizing from implementing AI into their everyday methods andbest practices.

Improved overall productivity

By its very nature AI speeds up processes within document managementsystems. For example, AI can recognize contents within a document throughtechnology called optical character recognition (OCR). When this type ofexpertise is applied the contents of many documents can be read, classified,and processed without a person interacting with the data. Freeing up employeetime for other valuable tasks creates increased productivity across the board.

Data extraction

After a document has been reviewed and the data classified, thenecessary and relevant information can be easily identified and extractedaccurately and quickly. This allows companies to process critical ortime-sensitive documents, such as contracts and invoices, as quickly andprecisely as possible. Having the capability to expedite documents like this iscritical to a company’s survival and can lead to increased profitability.

Enhanced data security

Sensitive documents, particularly those containing personal orproprietary information, can be better protected thorough the use of AI.Documents can be scoured for this type of data to ensure that they are nothandled unnecessarily or by employees who should not have access to them. AIhas the potential to flag documents as appropriate. AI can also be used to helpdetect fraud within documents.

Stronger data compliance

With more data comes greater responsibility. Companies must be upto date on existent and emerging data compliance policies. Integratingartificial intelligence into a company’s data and document management systemsfacilitates a greater degree of compliance. AI can be used to identify areaswhere a business must take further precautions to protect personal orproprietary data, or when a business should purge outdated or unnecessaryinformation from a system.

AI certainly has strong and wide-reaching benefits regardless ofindustry, budget, and company size. Businesses regularly using AI to improveprocesses will benefit greatly from the advantages afforded by thiscutting-edge technology. From increased productivity to an enhanced bottom lineto more secure documents, there are many reasons to implement artificialintelligence in information management.

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