4 Benefits of Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backup and Disaster Recovery is one of the most important steps abusiness can take to protect itself from data loss. Perhaps the greatest andmost obvious benefits of BDR are business continuity and increased uptime. Hereare four additional benefits to implementing Backup and Disaster Recovery foryour company.

Improved Customer Retention

Clients expect reliable, high-quality service and as the client’spartner you must deliver. Should a disaster strike or equipment fail, yourclient will likely be unforgiving and will simply pursue another partner. Toavoid losing that partnership – and revenue – a well-defined backup anddisaster recovery plan is essential. When a client trusts your service and has confidencein your ability to implement BDR immediately if needed, that clientrelationship becomes solidified. It is less likely that client will shop aroundfor a new partner when they are pleased with your company’s performance.

Reduced Recovery Time

When data is lost or compromised, time is precious. The longer ittakes to replace or recover lost data or files, the greater the chance ofjeopardizing your client relationship. When backup and disaster recoverysolutions are in place a business can quickly bounce back from data lossissues. Reduced recovery time goes a long way in preserving a client’sreputation. The less downtime a client experiences, the better the situation isfor all parties involved.

Increased Productivity

Keeping employees productive is key in any business and having abackup and disaster recovery plan in place ensures productivity does not wanein times of a disaster. The element of reduced recovery time and increasedproductivity go hand in hand. Employees charged with certain parts of thedisaster recovery process understand their roles and can spring into actionimmediately to mitigate damage and recovery time.

Scalable and Flexible Solutions

Identifying solutions that fit the needs of your business allowyou to define exactly what you need in a backup and disaster recovery solutionas well as the associated budget. A BDR solution should meet your needs while remainingcost-effective.

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