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Outsourced IT Chicago
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Outsourced IT Chicago

Locally, nationally, and globally managed services?

IT outsourcing is de rigueur for conglomerates, SMEs, and modern startups struggling to conserve capital. However, making outsourcing work for your Chicago business is not always that easy.

One of the first steps toward streamlining your processes, lowering operational costs, optimizing it infrastructure, and keeping your business up and running is to figure out where to outsource. This is where AJTC comes into play.


Outsourcing locally

Being able to meet face to face is one of the perks of working with local IT Chicago businesses. Although most communications and consulting take place by video calls and email, when it comes to major changes, big projects, or immediate on-site support, our IT support Chicago has you covered.

We will meet in person to sketch out plans, brainstorm new ideas, and fix your problems as soon as possible to diminish downtime and make your IT environment stable so everyone can get back to their work.

Outsourcing nationally

Outsourcing nationally, also known as near-sourcing or rural-sourcing, within the USA is gaining steam. This way of outsourcing is mostly driven by business owners' dissatisfaction with offshore services and workers and is intended to bring jobs back home.

Remove cultural and language barriers with our Chicago-based IT department to make communicating with your IT service provider easier and more convenient.

Outsourcing internationally

The old saying "You get what you pay for" usually holds true. Although low cost is the single most important reason for companies from the first world to outsource offshore, it turns out that many "tricky things" can make it more expensive and difficult than it appears to be at first sight.

Managed IT Services - SwiftPuppy testimonial.

Mike Budde Jr.

Budde Marketing Systems

"From on-site and remote support to custom software development and database management; AJTC has played a large role in our company’s success and growth over the years”

“... A large role in our Company’s success”
Managed IT Services - Advise from IT Expert.

Why domestic outsourcing?

In today's digital and fast-paced world, using managed IT services is one of the most common practices utilized across the board.

The simple reason behind this popularity lies in the fact that managed services are time-efficient, cost less, and are the best way to go. 

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Managed IT Services - SwiftPuppy testimonial.

John Keigher

Urban farmer

"Over the last 4 years, we have grown from just having 100 employees and operating out of one location to now having over 600 employees operating out multiple locations. AJTC expertise and guidance allowed us to always be ready for rapid growth..."

“Grown from 100 employees to 600 employees”

Top benefits of locally outsourced IT support

Your technology is a key part of your business and your strategy. Having the right applications and tools in place and AJTC backup that can fix any problem right away allows your workforce to do what they do best.

Key advantages of locally outsourced IT Chicago services

Better customer service

When you choose to go with a local IT service provider, you can have complete peace of mind because the level of customer service you will receive is going to be nothing short of 5-star.

Access to an impressive talent pool

Another great advantage of having locally outsourced services in the Chicago area is their ability to quickly solve any problem thanks to the different interests and specialisms in the IT field. 

On the other hand, with an in-house team, you only have a couple of people who have limited experience and knowledge, sometimes making it impossible to solve something they face for the very first time.

The main reason for this is their lack of access to new solutions and systems. Let AJTC handle your IT needs so you can cross disaster recovery concerns off your list.

More approachable

Locally outsourced IT support means that someone can come to your place if there is nothing that can't be done remotely and clear things up for you.

In the case of an emergency, your nearby IT experts can send someone to you in a few hours on the same day rather than in a couple of days.

More time for your business

Tired of doing things that have nothing to do with your main job? We get it. Outsourced IT means that you and your workforce can focus on your jobs instead of buzzing around and wasting time on "solving" problems.

Don't let those things keep your team from working. With AJTC teams prioritizing your IT needs, keep everything up-to-date and working smoothly, and quickly allow your team to get back to their work if something happens.

Increased cost-effectiveness

All outsourced IT options have advantages over trying to make your own in-house IT team. You pay only a monthly fee, which is only a small piece of the price compared to how much you need to pay for having your in-house staff.

No language barrier

Forget about cultural differences and diminish miscommunication. Having managed IT services nearby is more than just having someone who speaks English as their mother tongue.

Experienced IT consultants in your area know the regional terminology that often leads to confusion when used across the states. This can be of huge help when you call in for assistance and disaster recovery.

Outsourced IT Chicago

How to find a perfect locally-outsourced tech team

One of the best ways to find a locally outsourced IT team that suits your business needs is through word of mouth. If you check out our testimonials, you will find that we are exclusively built on referrals!

Outsourced IT Chicago

Why choose AJTC support services?

AJTC is your new reliable IT Chicago managed partner that has been providing onshore outsourcing services to companies across vertical and horizontal markets for over decades.

We offer our tech stack, vast talent pool, expertise, and wide range of additional features like cloud services to guarantee your business growth.

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Hard to decide between an internal team and outsourcing?

If you are still unsure which one may work best for your company, AJTC has lined up a few key things to help you understand what IT aspects are most important to your company.

Assessing your current IT capabilities

If your organizational structure works perfectly fine with a small group of tech-savvy people, you might not need as much help as larger companies that pretty much rely on outscoring their IT functions.

Identifying your business IT needs

Are you looking for a full suite of IT help, or do you just need a cyber security system?

Building your own in-house IT team will be more costly and difficult the more IT things you need to cover on your own.

Choosing the type of IT support

What hours of the day does your company need IT assistance? Do you need IT assistance only during regular business hours or full support 24/7/365?

Outsourcing your IT is handy if your team is scrambling to cover all bases when someone gets sick, needs a day off, or goes on vacation.

Opting for in-person assistance

Having professional IT support who can help you at any time of day or night has a couple of major advantages, including fast response/resolution times, easier troubleshooting, better relationships, and more.

Don't just make snap decisions. Give a call to our easy-to-talk consultants first and find the perfect IT solution that suits your business size, industry, needs, and budget.

Outsourced IT Chicago

The AJTC hybrid approach you are going to love

Many Chicago businesses feel very comfortable with the best of both worlds - a hybrid model.

It makes perfect sense to use a combination of in-house staff and outsourced IT, as each has its own perks.

Some companies prefer keeping an in-house IT team while outsourcing day-to-day tasks like backups or creating email accounts.

Other companies find it valuable to outsource IT for solving complex technical problems to help lift the burden off employees' shoulders.

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Managed IT Services - Advise from IT Expert.

Stop overpaying for your IT managed services

Your company's monthly IT budget should not be a surprise or a mystery.

Unlike many other companies that claim to offer the best solutions, we do not tack on extra charges that can in no time add up and spiral far beyond your possibilities.

Outsourced IT Chicago

IT services tailored to your business needs and budget

IT services tailored to your business needs and budgetWe think differently at AJTC. Our comprehensive, all-in pricing model ensures our clients receive a predictable, fixed cyclical bill.

Pay only for support services you need and use without hidden fees and charges.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

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