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AJTC helps non-profits connect sponsors, volunteers, and donors and grow awareness in their communities, supporting them execute their charitable mission.

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Technology Services For Your Non Profit Organization
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Comprehensive IT services for non-profit organizations

  • Concerned about protecting clients', sponsors', and donors' private information?
  • Interested in finding a way that can accelerate fundraising?
  • Thinking about how to engage your community?

Let AJTC help you with your mission - deliver the performance and security your donors and board members expect.

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How AJTC can assist non-profits

We understand that almost all charities are under huge pressure in today's ever-changing digital world.

From staff to donors to volunteers and the people they help, charities must do whatever it takes to ensure their IT can help them with their mission. This is where AJTC comes into play.

Leverage Technology And Succeed In Your Important Mission
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Benefits of our IT services for non-profits

As a leading IT support in Chicago, AJTC helps non-profit organizations harness practical tech solutions to grow their organization on a tight budget and meet their goals.

You work tirelessly and faithfully every single day for a good cause, fuelled by the greatest values in life like compassion, empathy, and pure desire to help people and make the world a better place. AJTC is here to help people understand your mission and what you stand for.

  • Close IT gaps in your charity
  • Get a technology roadmap
  • Streamline work for hybrid workers
  • Free up time and focus on what really matters
  • Retain your stakeholders
  • Ensure data security for beneficiaries and donors

Lifecycle management services

Our 5 stage systems support lifecycle is super beneficial for non-profit organizations. Let us evaluate your technology to reduce expenses and help you reach your goals.

1. Plan

We start with initial consultations, so we can take the time to learn more about your goals, charity, and technical challenges.

2. Analysis

We can develop a brand new IT solution or support your current systems.

3. Design

Our trained design engineers will use the data we get from the planning and analysis to build your IT infrastructure.

4. Implement

Our certified and experienced IT engineers will install and test everything.

5. Ongoing support

We will watch out for your IT network so you can focus on what really matters in life.

6. Report

We keep detailed documentation of your IT systems to keep you up to date.

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Forget About Budgetary Constraints

We take the next step to help a non-profit organization

AJTC knows that most non-profit organizations are tight on IT budgets. That's why we are offering the best IT support services you can find in Chicago at a reasonable flat rate.

Transparent pricing model

No nasty surprises. We offer transparent and cost-effective solutions. We break down the charges to show you where your money goes.

Unmatched customer service

Have complete peace of mind. We know that you are working with limited resources, which is why we offer custom-tailored services that completely satisfy your IT needs and fit your budget.

IT outsourcing

Gain access to top-notch technology solutions and tools at a fraction of the cost of having an in-house IT department.

Maximize your limited IT budget

AJTC is here to help non-profit organizations that are struggling to serve the greater good because of limited resources.

Let us help you harness tech innovations without going over your budget.

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Projects and consultancy

Project management and IT consultancy for your IT operations.


Strengthen security posture and protect your charity work and your people.

Cloud technology

Move to the cloud and reduce the cost of managing and maintaining your IT department.

Office 365

Cloud-based software and tools for remote working.

Support & advice for charities 24/7

AJTC can cover every single aspect of your IT, from filling a skills gap within your charity to a complete IT solution.


No matter the way your non-profit works - we can help. We are flexible to your needs.


We will diligently explain everything in simple and clear language.


We stand tall on our promise of delivering excellent IT services to charities.

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If your non-profit needs IT that delivers, get in touch with us today and find out why we are one of the leading managed services providers for non-profit organizations in Chicago.

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