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AJTC, a reputed IT solutions provider, has diligently served mid-sized businesses in Orland Park and the wider Chicago Metropolitan Area for over three and a half decades.

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Welcome to Orland Park, IL

Orland Park, a vibrant, bustling suburb of Chicago, IL, boasts a robust business environment teeming with mid-sized companies. The local landscape fuses charming historical sites and thriving modern businesses, promising vast opportunities and a dynamic economic climate. A key challenge, however, is the increasing demand for proficient and reliable IT support. This need is expertly met by AJTC, providing local businesses with the essential IT infrastructure and solutions they require.

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Why choose AJTC as your support specialist

Our commitment to serving your business doesn't end with providing exceptional IT support. It extends to every feature that makes us stand out as a unique service provider in the industry. As you explore the services we offer, it's important to take note of the key elements that define our approach and underline the value we bring to your business. These features set us apart and make us the reliable choice for businesses in Orland Park.

Experienced team

Our strength lies in our team of seasoned IT technicians, who bring years of experience to the table and are prepared to equip you with the most effective solutions.

Customized IT solutions

In our eyes, every client is unique. Hence, our commitment to tailored IT solutions that address your individual needs is something you will love!

Highly process-based service

Our services are heavily process-oriented. This provides a systematic approach that minimizes potential cybersecurity and compliance issues.

Proactive strategies

Our service philosophy is defined by its proactivity. We aim to preemptively identify potential IT issues, taking measures to prevent them before they can impact your business.

Fast and speedy resolutions

We understand that time is of the essence. Therefore, our approach ensures swift problem resolution, minimizing downtime, and keeping your business operations smooth.

Excellent customer support

With our steadfast customer support, you are never alone in your IT journey. We're available and ready to assist whenever you need us.

Choosing us as your tech partner means stepping into a world where technology fuels your business growth rather than hindering it. Our distinguishing features are tailored to ensure your peace of mind while we unlock the full potential of your business.

IT support Orland Park

Key benefits of opting for our IT support services

In today's rapidly digitizing world, every business demands high-quality IT support. Our services are about fixing problems as they arise and providing holistic support that benefits your business. These benefits are designed to elevate your operations, improve efficiency, and ensure a secure business environment.

Improved efficiency

  • By managing your IT infrastructure, we optimize your processes and systems, enhancing your business efficiency.

Reduced costs

  • Our tailored IT support solutions can help streamline your operations, minimize downtime, and as a result, reduce overall operational costs.
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Better security

  • Our advanced cybersecurity measures are designed to protect your sensitive business data and provide a safer digital environment.

24/7 support

  • Our around-the-clock support ensures uninterrupted operations for your business, no matter the hour.

Strategic IT planning

  • We provide strategic IT guidance, which helps formulate future-focused business strategies.

Access to the latest technology

  • Partnering with us gives you access to the latest IT innovations, which keeps your business ahead in the competitive market.

Our stellar tech support services

Our IT support in Orland Park includes various solutions tailored to your unique business needs. These services are designed to address various IT challenges and are flexible enough to adapt to evolving business landscapes.

Managed IT services

Comprehensive, proactive IT infrastructure management to ensure seamless operations and optimal performance.

Cybersecurity services

Robust protection for your digital assets against potential security threats, ensuring the safety of your sensitive data.

Cloud services

Utilize the power of cloud computing to boost your business agility, operational efficiency, and scalability.

Data recovery

Reliable services for safeguarding your critical data and swift recovery in case of data loss.

Network solutions

Design, implement, and manage secure and efficient networking systems.

Software development

Custom software solutions designed and developed to meet your unique business requirements.

Industries we serve

Our IT support services span various industries with unique challenges and needs. Whether it's healthcare, finance, education, retail, or manufacturing, our services are tailored to fit industry-specific requirements and comply with respective regulations.

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More than just backup solutions

When you partner with us, you get more than just an IT support service provider. You're getting a team dedicated to providing outstanding IT services, high-level security, industry-best practices, and access to the latest technological advancements. With us, you'll have the assurance of excellent IT infrastructure management, around-the-clock support, advanced cybersecurity measures, strategic IT planning, and seamless access to new technology.

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Our commitment to quality and excellence is reflected in our accreditations. We are proud to be a certified partner of Microsoft, holding a Gold competency in Cloud Productivity. We also hold a couple of other certifications, demonstrating our strong data security and management commitment.

IT support Orland Park

Awards and recognition

Our work has been recognized by several prestigious entities in the industry. Our IT support in Orland Park is not just about providing solutions but about creating value, fostering growth, and building long-term partnerships.

With us, you can be confident about leveraging technology for your business growth while enjoying peace of mind knowing that your IT infrastructure is in expert hands.


Let’s hear what our clients have to say.

AJTC Testimonials.

Alan Backer


“...they have the expertise level that we can leverage to reduce the burden on our internal staff.”

AJTC Testimonials.

James Skutt

BAS Health

"...the additional value achieved was a more documented process/procedure as well as the allowing us the ability to focus on our core competency as a business."

AJTC Testimonials.

Danyel Whalley

Cloos Robotic Wleding

“AJTC took really good care of us and made the transition easy and manageable. Their full service platform is great! Highly recommended!”

IT support Orland Park

Next steps: Contact us

Don't hesitate to reach out if you are ready to secure, strengthen, and streamline your IT operations. You can contact us via phone at (708) 942 8200 or fill out our online contact form. After understanding your unique business needs and objectives, we will craft a bespoke IT strategy to help your business flourish in this digital age.

Points of interest within Illinois

Illinois Institute of Technology

Located within a 10-mile radius of Orland Park, the Illinois Institute of Technology is a renowned research institution known for its engineering, science, architecture, and technology programs.

With its diverse and innovative tech-driven curriculum, it produces a fresh crop of skilled professionals every year, many of whom have contributed significantly to the MSP industry. Moreover, the institute collaborates with various IT firms for research, development, and innovation.

Argonne National Laboratory

The Argonne National Laboratory, a U.S. Department of Energy multidisciplinary science and engineering research center, is another prominent point near Orland Park. It's a hub of cutting-edge research in material science, physics, biology, and environmental science.

Their high-performance computing and cybersecurity initiatives directly impact the MSP industry, making it a key place of interest.

By aligning ourselves with these remarkable institutions, we ensure we are at the forefront of technological advancements and industry best practices, delivering world-class IT support services to our clients.

IT support Orland Park

Satisfaction guarantee

At AJTC, we prioritize our clients' satisfaction above everything else. We understand the impact of a robust and efficient IT system on your business operations. Therefore, we offer a Satisfaction Guarantee on all our services. We promise to resolve any issues until you're completely satisfied. We consider our job done only when you're happy with our service.

IT support Orland Park

Useful resources

To assist you further, here are some external resources that might be helpful:

  • TechRepublic: A leading resource for IT decision-makers, offering tips, best practices, and advice on technology trends.
  • Spiceworks Community: An active online community for IT professionals worldwide. Discuss, share, and learn about the latest in the IT world.
  • Gartner: Renowned for its IT-related insight and research, Gartner can help you make well-informed business decisions.
IT support Orland Park

Our commitment to the community

We have a robust electronics recycling program as part of our commitment to the community and environment. We ensure your old IT equipment is responsibly recycled, reducing electronic waste and its environmental impact. Additionally, we regularly donate to local charities, contributing to the betterment of our society.

IT support Orland Park

Join our team

Are you passionate about IT and looking for an opportunity to work with a team that values innovation and customer satisfaction? Visit our hiring page to explore current job openings. We would be thrilled to welcome you aboard!

We look forward to providing exceptional IT support, making your business more secure, efficient, and future-ready. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or are ready to take the next step.

IT support Orland Park

Innovate your business technology today

Securing and optimizing your IT infrastructure has never been more crucial in this fast-paced digital age. From safeguarding against threats to enhancing productivity, our comprehensive IT support services offer the complete package. As you've seen, our commitment extends beyond just technical expertise; we care about the satisfaction of our clients, the community we serve, and the environment we share.

Now is the time to elevate your business operations, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve and prepared for the future. Let us handle the complexities of your IT needs, so you can focus on what matters most - growing your business.

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Frequently asked questions

What type of computer repair services do you offer?

Our computer repair services range from hardware installation and repair to software updates and security backups. We provide comprehensive solutions for all types of computer and technology issues.

Can a tech support specialist repair my computer remotely?

Yes, our tech support specialists are highly experienced in remote computer repair. They can connect to your device over the web, diagnose the problem, and implement the necessary solutions, all from our support center in Orland Park.

Do you provide on-site business tech support?

Absolutely! Our technology support extends beyond remote solutions. Our dedicated team of support technicians is ready to visit your business location for on-site tech support and consultation.

Are your support technician jobs in Orland Park available to new IT support specialists?

We are always looking to expand our team with new IT support specialists. Those interested can apply through the 'Jobs' section on our website or directly at our store in Orland Park.

What sets your computer repair services in Orland Park apart from others?

Our commitment to quick and efficient service, backed by highly skilled specialists, sets us apart. We also offer end-user support and training to help our customers make the most of their technology.

Can you help back up my business data?

Definitely! We understand the critical importance of data in any business. Our technical support team can assist you with data backup solutions, ensuring your business continuity during data loss.

Do you provide hardware installation services?

Yes, we do! Whether a new laptop or a network device, our technicians are equipped to handle all hardware installation jobs in Orland Park.

What if I need support after store hours?

Our support doesn't end when the store closes. We provide 24/7 remote tech support to ensure your business runs smoothly, even after hours.

How can I schedule a consultation for your managed IT support services?

You can contact us to schedule a consultation for our managed IT support services. Sign up through our website or reach out directly to our help desk. Our team is ready to answer your questions and lead you through the process.

How do your repair services relate to my tech problems?

Each tech problem signs a unique set of challenges. Our team of repair specialists in Orland Park is experienced in handling a broad spectrum of tech issues, ensuring we can provide a solution directly related to your specific problem.