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Data Loss Prevention
Disaster Recovery Makes You Feel Down?

Say bye-bye to downtime with AJTC disaster recovery services

Get the most important assets your business can have to ensure business continuity planning.

AJTC disaster recovery services are designed to protect the most vulnerable parts of your company from security breaches, hacking or virus threats, physical failure, ransomware, malware, accidental human errors, or natural disasters like a fire or a flood.

Get copies of your business's sensitive data to eliminate substantial risks and keep your Chicago business up and running.

AJTC has you covered

Protect data no matter where you store it

Servers | Desktops | Laptops | External storage

Data backup and disaster recovery for unexpected issues

Every single day someone, just like you, loses confidential and valuable data. Keep your data safe with our peerless online backup services designed to fit your business.

24/7 backup monitoring

Forget about waiting in a queue for support when the worst-case scenario happens. AJTC experienced data backup and disaster recovery engineers will monitor your backups 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and help you with preventative measures.

Cloud backup solutions

Feeling like your infrastructure has never been more complex and your team workforce has never been busier? When disaster hits you, with AJTC, you can restore your data with minimal downtime.

Tape backups

Keep your data safe for a long period of time. With AJTC assistance, you don't have to worry about many regulations that require organizations to store data for years. Archive an extra copy of your valuable backup data in AJTC drives and have reliable access to it anytime.

Save your time & resources

Tape backup key features

Restore from any tape

Restore your backup data from any kind of tape and start your backed-up machine as physical or new virtual.

Flexible backup scheduling

Archive a secondary copy of your critical backup data with daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly scheduling plans.

Creating easy to use media pools

Segregate your tapes into different groups to have neatly organized data backups.

Digital backups of tax records

Respond to an IRS audit

Respond to an IRS audit at any time

Whether you scan documents when you are about to file your return or as soon as you receive it, digital backups of your tax records are the way to go. 

Label, organize and keep at your fingertips each support tax document you may need for future reference. Just create a clearly named folder, and that's it, you are good to go.

Backup of your backup is the best solution

Backup of your backup is the best solution

Forget about being unable to find your digital records when you need them most. With AJTC X, you will be in good graces with the Internal Revenue Service.

We can help you follow the 3-2-1 backup rule to make sure your data is recoverable whenever you need it.

What a 3-2-1 backup rule looks like

What a 3-2-1 backup rule looks like

  • Create a primary backup and 2 data copies
  • Save backups to two different media
  • Keep one of them offsite
online backup services

Robust online backup services

Does it take plenty of time to backup your server information or client information? With AJTC data backups, you can kick back and relax because we will keep all your vital files 100% secured while you and your technical teams can spare time doing your jobs.

Save your time & resources
AJTC storage archives to "lockdown" your data

AJTC storage archives to "lockdown" your data

Our storage archive is a location or device exclusively dedicated to storing your data and is only accessible to you.

AJTC neat and tidy archives and storage solutions are more affordable than other regular storage solutions and are ideal to store your legacy applications data, historical data, log data, compliance data, and more.

Data backups

Data backups or data archives?

Data backups and archives are not the same. Although they are both used for the same thing, to store data, they have a different purpose.

Data backups secure data you currently need and are in use, whereas data archives store data that you don't need at hand.

disaster recovery

No disaster recovery solution works without the right data backup

Don't be another statistic. Learn from other people's mistakes, and don't let data backup strategies be just an afterthought in the journey of recovering your important data. Check our IT support services today.

recovery services

Fast, secure, and reliable data backup and recovery services

Get instant access to all the backups you have ever done with us and get on with your life. AJTC data backup services are affordable remote data backup managed from our own secure data center and servers so you can rest assured your files are 100% safe and sound.

We backup clients servers, workstations, lap top files, and much more. Restore your entire machines or individual files in the same day in just a couple of clicks.

Benefits of backing up your data regularly

  • Access your data no matter what happens
  • Change service providers without losing anything
  • Keep your data secure during data syncs
  • Keep your files completely protected in the case of a data breach
  • Ensure business continuity
backing up your data

Automatic data recovery features

Free support

Unlike other companies that charge extra for their support, AJTC includes free unlimited access to an award-winning team of experts.


Keep your confidential data secure in storage or in transit with our next-gen encryption. We make sure your data is never in an unprotected state.

Ease of use

Whether you are restoring all the folders you have or just one teeny-tiny file, you can do it in a few clicks.

Don't leave your data security and business destiny to fate. Get your preventative measures today

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