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AJTC provides the cyber security solutions Chicago business owners trust to bullet-proof their sensitive data 100%.

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Cyber Security Solutions Chicago
Cyber Security Solutions Chicago

Every 39 seconds, one business is successfully hacked in the United States...

  • Are you confident about your company’s cyber security or does it get you anxious?
  • Are all your employees armed with practical cybersecurity tips to keep your private data safe?
  • Do you have cyber security experts guarding your business 24/7?

A solid cyber security plan is no longer a luxury… It's a necessity!

If your business must thrive (have more customers and be in the good books of the government) you must pay close attention to your cybersecurity. It takes years to build a business and only minutes for one clever hack to crash it to the ground.

Every business (no matter how small) needs 360-degree cybersecurity covering, to keep private data private and intruders permanently out. While you might have an internal IT department, you need the fortification that comes from having a dedicated team of cybersecurity experts, who proactively provide cybersecurity services.

Managed IT Services - Expert team.
Cyber Security Solutions Chicago

We prioritize all aspects of your business cyber security...

Rather than leaving the absolute security of your confidential information to chance, our managed security services are designed to proactively protect your sensitive data.

Through our easy-to-understand security awareness training, endpoint protection, dark web scans, penetration testing, strategy consulting, and much more, we take managed services to the next level; ensuring your sensitive data is fully protected on all fronts.

Why depend on a VPN to secure your business online, when you can have our expert hands proactively managing your security? Why wait for the antivirus to alert you in the event of a threat, when your information technology can be fully armed against data breaches to keep your security risk at the barest minimum?

From cybersecurity strategy to password testing to securing your entire network perimeter, AJTC goes the extra mile that most cybersecurity companies in Chicago would rather shy away from. All to give you a fully secure experience, consistently.

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With 360-degree protection, our cyber security services bullet-proof your business data

Phishing Protection

Top cybersecurity consulting companies in Chicago offering managed services know that to protect data, employees' mailing activities have to be proactively monitored. While members of staff may not intentionally expose the business to cyberattacks, small activities, like signing in on an unverified or familiar-looking site, may risk the company's entire network.

To protect your business, we help cut any excesses by custom software development; this is basically setting up software that would stop an employee from making costly mistakes with their emails.

Cyber Security Awareness Training

We provide easy-to-understand training videos to ensure your team is aware of cyber security tips that reduce security risk for your business.

We carry out routine, extensive, cybersecurity research and arm your staff against the latest cyber security threats. With our training services, you can rest assured knowing your business vital data is in safe hands.

Password and Access Management

We secure all the passwords of every user in your company using one user-friendly, secure application. You can securely store, create, and maintain your passwords (as well as that of your team) right from your mobile device.

We also take away the concern of off-boarding a member of staff and the consequences that may have on your data security. As your managed service provider, we ensure that only authorized users have access to any aspect of the company's network per time.

Advanced Web Filtering

Another way that we secure your vital information is by monitoring and controlling the sites that are accessible to users within your company's network.

We take your business needs and services into account while setting this up, so that it never interferes with the productivity of your staff, but helps keep you secure online.

Dark Web Monitoring

We scan the Dark Web for stolen passwords from your IT network and let you know when employee emails and passwords have been compromised, so they can be changed with immediate effect. Our advanced threat protection gives you a clear picture of what specific aspects of your IT security need to be upgraded and paid attention to.

Two Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) as it is also called, is a highly effective measure that stops all forms of unauthorized access from dead in their tracks, drastically reducing the risk of intruders getting access to your confidential data. This solution has helped thousands of small businesses within the United States avoid data breaches.

Social Media Protection

We also ensure that your company's social media accounts are hack-proof. The reputation damage caused by the hacking of businesses' social media accounts can sometimes cause huge losses for them, in terms of business value, revenue and clientele. We stop security threats in real-time, maintaining an excellent reputation for your business with our speedy incident response.

Most cyber security companies undermine and grossly overlook the social media security of businesses. Our 360 approach to your security sets us apart from the rest.

Data Leak Prevention

We proactively ensure your confidential data never leaves your organization. One of our core competencies in AJTC is data loss prevention via email, web, and cloud applications.

We also put checks in place to make sure that customers' vital data like credit card numbers are never transmitted via email. We achieve these with our secure data transfer and information security services.

Penetration testing

With our near-absolute penetration testing, we show you just how secure your business is with our cyber security services. We have in-house white-hat specialists (cyber security experts) who attempt to hack your systems, to show what aspects of your security need to be upgraded in order to become entirely hack-proof.

It's a highly enlightening process that identifies any cracks in your system's security that attackers could easily get in through. With this insight, we proactively provide solutions and services to ensure all such cracks are sealed with absolutely no access to unauthorized parties.

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You can rely 100% on us as your trusted cyber security services company

  • Our penetration testing is carried out by cyber security experts and in-house white hat hackers, hence is near absolute.
  • With our years of experience in the cyber security industry, we offer a variety of professional services including artificial intelligence, cloud consulting, mobile app development, technology consultancy, and a host of other technology solutions.
  • Our 360 proactive approach to cyber security sets us apart from all other cybersecurity companies in Chicago.
  • You can rely 100% on us in the event of a probable cybercrime. Our solid disaster recovery solutions ensure that your business can always thrive, no matter what.
  • With our cyber security services, we protect Chicago businesses against hacks and cybercrimes.
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"Our ultimate goal as your cybersecurity company is to ensure that you have absolutely nothing to worry about concerning your IT."

“Our ultimate goal”
Cyber Security Solutions Chicago

We Offer expert cyber security consultancy and services to businesses in the Chicago Metropolitan area

We would be excited to carry out a cyber security audit for your business IT support and let you know areas that are likely to pose a cyber risk to you.

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Cyber Security Solutions Chicago

Get answers to your most pressing cyber security questions

  • How to make sure your team focuses on the needle moving tasks of your business while still being 100% secure and compliant
  • If you should move your infrastructure to the cloud having a small team, and how to have a secure data transfer during the process
  • How you can make sure your cyber security is strong enough to avoid cyber-attacks using machine learning algorithms and other services.

We are a cybersecurity company that makes technology the competitive advantage of our clients by offering technology solutions, network security solutions, device management, and much more to businesses in the Chicago metropolitan area.

To learn more about how we can keep you 100% secure at all times, take advantage of our free audit and consultation for businesses just like yours in the Chicago Metropolitan area.

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