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AJTC helps companies harness the power of the cloud to improve performance, reduce operational costs, and ultimate scalability.

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Cloud Strategy And Consulting Firm In Chicago IL

Leverage our cloud consulting services to accelerate growth

Have you started realizing that more data brings more risks?

Thinking about how to prevent data loss caused by a natural disaster, hardware failure, ransomware attacks, or human error?

Let AJTC cloud consultants show you how to protect your organization and enable continuity no matter what happens.

Solve your business issues with our cloud services

Here at AJTC, we focus on the right things for your company with extensive project planning, from tackling your most significant challenges to streamlining day-to-day operational processes. No matter which cloud you need, we have the right expert!

The Best IT Consulting Firm You Can Find In Chicago IL

Public cloud

Provide your teams with an easily accessible and secure public cloud, and forget about IT provisioning and maintenance headaches. Get the best value for your money.

  • Highly reliable
  • Easy to manage
  • Cost effective
  • Easy scalability
  • No geographical restrictions
The Best IT Consulting Firm You Can Find In Chicago IL

Private cloud

Securely govern your business-vital data, keep business processes under control, and benefit from many customization opportunities with our strategy consulting services.

  • Customizable
  • Strengthened security posture
  • Almost complete control over the server
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The Best IT Consulting Firm You Can Find In Chicago IL

Hybrid cloud

Handle your important data and resources with greater agility and reliability. Get the best of both worlds and achieve the perfect balance between on and off premises deployment.

  • Improved security
  • Cost effective
  • Super flexible and highly scalable
The Best IT Consulting Firm You Can Find In Chicago IL


Use multiple cloud services from different brands in one single heterogeneous landscape and get rid of vendor lock-in once and for all.

  • Enhanced resilience
  • Competitive pricing
  • Network performance improvements
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The best cloud consultants that cover every aspect of cloud adoption

AJTC is a source you can always turn to for all your cloud needs. From analyzing your company's needs over cloud strategy advisory to comprehensive employee training, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch managed IT support every single time.

IT environment assessment

Our cloud computing experts will assess your entire IT infrastructure to suggest the best cloud solutions that align with your needs and re-energize and push your business forward.


Our cloud computing consultants and architects will craft a future-proof cloud ecosystem and develop a detailed roadmap that is in line with your unique needs and goals.

Development & deployment

We will look after cloud deployment and help you automate and speed up business operations and processes.


Our cloud consulting and optimization services can also help you with the existing cloud environment. Optimize resource consumption, reduce operating expenses, and improve compliance.

Ongoing support and management

We monitor and track businesses' cloud resource utilization 24/7 and train their employees, ensuring they are getting the most out of their cloud investment.


Information is the key to intelligent business decisions. We will keep track of everything regarding your cloud so you can always make informed decisions about your business.

How AJTC can help

Cross-functional expertise

AJTC has top cloud architects and cross-functional expertise across cloud technologies. We also possess a proven track record of successful cloud implementations in a wide range of industries and niches. Hundreds of organizations worldwide count on us!

Custom tailored cloud strategy

AJTC stands tall on the promise of providing consulting services that put special emphasis on your needs across development, business, and technology to build a custom-tailored cloud strategy.

Finding the missing pieces

The quality and attention to detail of our cloud strategy and consulting services will help you discover the weakest parts of your business and the missing pieces in your tech stack. Let our cloud consulting services serve as the North Star throughout your life-changing journey.

Keep Moving Toward Your Business Goals With Our Disaster Recovery Services

Enhancing business through AJTC technology

Whether you want to migrate to Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure or optimize what you currently have, AJTC is here to help.

Multilayered, built-in security controls

Next-gen security tools and industry-leading practices for the highest level of security.

Scalable from day 1

Adjust and scale your IT infrastructure quickly for unstoppable business growth.

Create space for innovation

Get a perfect cloud environment and enhance your business-driven approach to reach new heights.

Regulatory and industry standard compliance

Accelerate and simplify compliance for GDPR, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and others with our cloud strategy consulting service.

Managed IT Services - SwiftPuppy testimonial.

Mike Budde Jr.

Budde Marketing Systems

"From on-site and remote support to custom software development and database management; AJTC has played a large role in our company’s success and growth over the years”

“... A large role in our Company’s success”
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