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AJTC assists companies in reinventing their technology landscape, helping them get the most out of their IT resources and adjust to evolving industry standards.

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Get your cloud right

Is your company facing these frustrating IT problems?

  • Persistent storage-related issues.
  • Can't stop server sprawl.
  • Frequent interruptions that are costing you a lot.
  • Passing documents back and forth through an unencrypted email.

Say goodbye to those IT problems with our cloud migration services. Saving your time, money, and energy is our specialty.

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Improve productivity & maximize your ROI

ATJC has been helping companies for years to gain a competitive edge over competitors by integrating powerful cloud solutions into their business operations.

Technology evaluation

Careful evaluation of your complete IT infrastructure to eliminate the weakest link.

Solution development

Development of cloud solutions that align with your business goals and needs.

Strategic management

We will build a strategic agenda, lift the burden off your employees' shoulders, and help you become a future-ready company.

Improve Operational Efficiency And Protect Sensitive Data

Benefits of cloud computing

Whether you are just getting started or need full migration to the cloud, AJTC can help and take your business to the next level.

Unsurpassable uptime

As one of the leading cloud migration providers in Chicago, we guarantee 99% uptime, ensuring your valuable files are always at your fingertip.

Have anytime, anywhere access

Update calendars, let your workforce collaborate on important documents, and respond to emails on any web-connected device.

Transparent pricing

Completely transparent and predictable pricing that suits your company budget.

Easy to use

Combine what you already have with our industry-leading software and tools and make work much easier.

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Get A New Cloud Environment For Your Specific Needs

AJTC's capabilities

When you combine your business with our cloud storage services, you can prevent many human errors, share information efficiently, and speed up decision-making at your organization.

revent Online Threats With Cloud Based Data Storage

Cloud services that help you get the agility your business deserves

Discover our business IT support and see why almost 95% of world-class companies have already migrated to the cloud.

Cloud migration services

Secure your cloud transition and gain innumerable opportunities. Our cloud migration consulting services are focused on addressing all your business needs. Let us help you meet market demands.

Cloud optimization

Make sure your cloud environment doesn't "drift" from its main purpose and initial state, which can result in undocumented one-off changes, a degraded cybersecurity posture, and technical debt. Let us help you automate operations to a whole new level.

Cloud infrastructure management

AJTC can assist you in everything related to the cloud, from performance reporting and security audits to cloud infrastructure design and development. We work with all major cloud platforms, including Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and Amazon Web Services.

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Why choose our Chicago cloud migration services?

There are a few things that set us apart from our competitors.

Clear communication

We will make sure that we are always on the same page with you. Talk to us anytime you have concerns.


Your end goals are our top priority and the metrics of our success. With us, you can rest assured that our battle-tested crew will go the extra mile every single time to help you grow your bottom line.

Intrinsically agile

We are agile like no one else out there. We have to be in order to help your company keep up with ever-changing customer expectations and market trends.

Delivery mindset

We will do whatever it takes to meet your business requirements. Be it strengthening your team with next-gen tools or developing a business solution - you can always count on us!

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