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AJTC is helping companies looking to break into the big leagues! Discover IT infrastructure solutions and technology solutions that cut your IT costs and increase revenue.

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Computer Support For Your Chicago Businesses
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Support services to keep your business moving forward

With the right IT support, SMEs can easily achieve their economic growth. This is where AJTC managed IT services come into play - to help you capture this opportunity.

Get the guidance, skills, and IT services you need to start, run, and digitize your business.

IT support services For Your Chicago Company

Become a bigger company

There's a lot to like about IT support services. Don't be one of those who puts IT support on the back burner because AJTC tech support can keep your systems safe, processes healthy and agile, and your customers happy.

Managed IT Services - SwiftPuppy testimonial.

Mike Budde Jr.

Budde Marketing Systems

"From on-site and remote support to custom software development and database management; AJTC has played a large role in our company’s success and growth over the years”

“... A large role in our Company’s success”

Side benefits of having tech support you didn't know about

Improve business decision making

Make good business decisions strictly based on deep market research.

Enhance your existing strategies with AJTC IT software that reveals better alternative ways to how you can accomplish your main business goals.

Super effective and efficient data management

Boost your business' security against potential data breaches and protect your business' important data, such as HR details, employees' salaries, and company income. 

Hiring an AJTC team of tech professionals to take care of your data goes hand in hand with finding a comprehensive and highly effective data management strategy.

Propel your brand toward a meaningful position

Pair your branding with our IT services and systems to improve your current marketing strategies and get the most out of your new advertising approaches.

Get your IT cost effective solutions and let people in the Chicago area know about your small business.

Organize HR management and company manpower

Forget about wandering around looking for paper-based documents. AJTC offers a better top-notch tech substitute for keeping your records.

Get an information system that aligns with your business specific structure and procedures to steadily grow it.

Don't fall behind

Meet the needs of customers who only agree to work with companies capable of keeping up with technology trends.

Gain a competitive edge over competitors and stay on top of the game

IT support For Your Chicago Company

IT support in Chicago for scaling your business

Talk to us about managed IT services and let your workforce have more time to focus and do their main jobs.

Create a better environment where everyone can be more productive while processes and workflows can be automated by implementing AJTC automation solutions. 

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Managed IT Services - SwiftPuppy testimonial.

John Keigher

Urban farmer

"Over the last 4 years, we have grown from just having 100 employees and operating out of one location to now having over 600 employees operating out multiple locations. AJTC expertise and guidance allowed us to always be ready for rapid growth..."

“Grown from 100 employees to 600 employees”

Understand what customers value

Getting reliable IT support services can help your business better understand your target market, which is the first step toward scaling up your Chicago business.

Any marketing expert would tell you the same thing - every single business relies on desk support services, so it can take time to meet the market and learn what customers are actually looking for.

Without having a reliable IT network in the first place, you can forget about staying in the game.

IT Support services For Your Chicago Company
Project Management Professional Services in Chicago

Stay one step ahead

Invest in cybersecurity services, disaster recovery services, and cloud services to avoid security risks and data loss.

Keep every single piece of data that has to do with your business safe and use it in the future to improve your business.

Analyze data to see which services and products are selling well among the specific groups and which are not performing that well and analyze customers' buying habits.

Keeping your records safe and sound is of the utmost importance for business growth and continuity.

IT Support services For Your Chicago Company

Leverage tech support to skyrocket digital conversions

With software support services, besides bringing productivity and efficiency to the next level, you can also uplift digital conversions.

We can help you with digital transformation and operational excellence. Don't neglect the increasing number of customers shopping online. They can make you rich.

Change your gear today
IT Support services For Your Chicago Company

Empower your customer service

Nurture relationships with your customers if you want them to come back to your place and buy from you again.

AJTC can provide your teams with flawless software to meet your customer needs.

To a great extent, the success of running your business depends on your ability to give your customers what they want and make them satisfied and happy.

With our help, you can provide one of a kind after-sales support and reliable customer service to answer all their queries because customer satisfaction never ends after you have managed to sell a service or an item.

IT Support services For Your Chicago Company

Focus on the core objectives of your business

Getting technology services allows you, as the owner of an SME, to redirect your resources, efforts, and time to other management tasks. Forget about multi-tasking or dividing your attention.

Get more time in your hands today and start focusing on researching your business targets and goals and scale up your plans.

IT Support services For Your Chicago Company

Make everyone happy

When things work as they are supposed to, everyone is happy. If you are anything like us at AJTC, your workforce is the most important asset of your business.

Employee retention and work culture plays a vital role in keeping your business going. Get happy employees who will lead to happy customers and turn them into fans who will attract even more clients, which will make you satisfied as well.

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AJTC's keys to success

# A technology partner who focuses on your business

Here at AJTC, we know that each company is different and unique, and so are its business possibilities, opportunities, and challenges.

Potential support services must understand each and every small and medium-sized enterprise's goals rather than offering a ready-made business growth plan for all clients.

# A reliable partner that values long-lasting relationships

A trusted support company will develop a technology road map helping your staff stay competitive and successful as market conditions change.

# A partner that insists on regular close communications

This should happen at least each quarter when our AJTC proactive monitoring team presents data and formal reviews to show the previous weaknesses of your business and the effectiveness of the engagement.

# A partner that addresses current tech pain points

Discuss with AJTC in detail specific critical problems, such as weak cyber security parts and vulnerabilities, or areas where frequent outages have happened in the past.

Get a detailed solution tailored to your unique business problems and needs.

# A partner that addresses current tech pain points

Discuss with AJTC in detail specific critical problems, such as weak cyber security parts and vulnerabilities, or areas where frequent outages have happened in the past.

Get a detailed solution tailored to your unique business problems and needs.

# A partner that addresses current tech pain points

Discuss with AJTC in detail specific critical problems, such as weak cyber security parts and vulnerabilities, or areas where frequent outages have happened in the past.

Get a detailed solution tailored to your unique business problems and needs.

Help desk services to make your customers valued

Think it is too expensive? Think again.

IT Support Services In Chicago For One Flat Rate

Serving a global customer base

If you have customers located in different time zones, there's a great chance that problems with your IT may occur after-hours, and if there's no one to solve them quickly, you will turn off your clients.

If you see a sharp change in international orders or expand into new regions, that's a clear indicator you need help desk support.

IT Support services For Your Chicago Company

Queries are coming in after-hours

If most support tickets come after regular working hours, having a reliable IT infrastructure would be super beneficial for your customers.

Don't let tickets accumulate overnight because of sudden downtime and create a backlog the day after. Solve your IT problems as soon as they appear with AJTC computer support services.

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IT Support services For Your Chicago Company

Your industry branch demands constant network flow

Although 24/7 buying is a matter of convenience rather than urgency, some industries must have a sturdy, all-the-time working IT network, including security, insurance, travel, and healthcare.

If you are in some of these industries and need support, you will likely need it right away, not tomorrow, not another day, but immediately.

Stop IT headaches from holding your company back from growth

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