Working Well with an MSP: 4-Phased Approach to Success

Why should you work with a managed services provider (MSP) and what do you hope to accomplish? Working with an MSP requires planning, a focused strategy and continuous analysis. The overall benefits of working with an MSP are clear but every company must determine their goals and strategic objectives prior to entering the relationship. In order to maximize working with a managed services provider, a company must execute four important phases: planning, implementation, optimization and monitoring.


Managed services providers offer an array of expertise to companies of all sizes. Every business should understand the services available and determine which are the most appropriate to help achieve its goals. Technology MSPs offer a variety of scalable capabilities, from help desk support to custom services and solutions. Determining which services best serve a client in terms of strategy and pricing will go a long way when working with a managed services provider. Most MSPs will customize a package to include services based on a client's needs.


Once a company has determined which technology services make the most sense in helping reach its goals, it is time to implement the seservices. The MSP plays a pivotal role in this stage by serving as a guide for the tactics in executing the appropriate processes for each of its clients. This includes integrating IT services into a company's systems and providing support as needed.


Once the implementation is complete and systems are in place, a reliable MSP will take the appropriate steps to optimize all processes. Managed services providers should engage in business process management to streamline and redirect resources as necessary. Optimization is crucial to ensuring resources are being managed and applied in the most effective manner. After all, an MSP represents an investment for a business and its services should be continuously evaluated and improved to get the most bang for the buck.


Network monitoring is the process of constantly overseeing the performance of a company's systems and identifying issues that might impact operations. The health of a client's network is vitally important to keeping downtime to a minimum and a managed services provider helps keep things functioning as smoothly as possible.

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