Working Remotely: Benefits and Challenges

As the world shifts to a predominantly remote workforce(aside from essential employees, of course) during the COVID-19 health crisis, employees are adjusting to a learning curve when it comes to working from home.

Employees across all industries are learning there are benefits and challenges to working remotely and companies have set employees up with the tools they need to succeed when working at home. Here are some benefits and challenges people might find when working remotely.  

Benefits of Remote Working


There is a flexibility to working from home that isn't really found when one is in the office. People are free to take breaks, go for walks, or have a snack at any time during the day. You have the option to take a call from your deck or check your emails on the porch. It is also easier to start working earlier to get a jump on the day or to work later once others have logged off for the day.

No office distractions

It can be nice to have co-workers to talk to during the day, but it can easily become distracting to stop and have conversations. When working from home, there are fewer distractions to take you away from work and it can be easier to concentrate. With fewer interruptions, you'll find your productivity will increase.

No commute time

In the United States, the average one-way commute time is 26.1 minutes. For those commuting to a full-time job five days a week, this adds up to more than 4 hours a week and over 200hours (nearly nine days) spent getting to and from work. Working from home eliminates your commute, saving you invaluable time and allowing you time to do other things.

Money savings

It is easy to spend unnecessary money every day when going into the office. You might stop for coffee or pick up a quick breakfast on the way to work. Others purchase lunch or go out with colleagues for lunch. These seemingly small purchases all add up and are virtually eliminated when you work remotely.

Comfortable clothes

There is no dress code when you are working from your home.You might be accustomed to wearing a business suit or tie to work. There isn't a need for business casual attire when you are logging in from your couch or home office. Dressing in comfortable clothing is a nice perk of remote working.

Challenges of Remote Working

Technology issues

Weak internet connections and equipment issues should not prevent you from remaining productive when working remotely. Working from home is relatively new territory for many people and when a technology issue arises, it's beneficial to have your MSP partner at the ready.

Keeping your routine

Without having to commute to the office or dress in business attire, it can be easy to get away from your everyday routine. It's important to continue to do the things you always do when getting ready for work. Keep your routine - shower, work out, get dressed - whatever it is your normally do to stick to your schedule.

Missing important calls

You need to be available when working from home, just as you are when you are in the office. Keep your phone with you and the volume up so that you don't miss important calls or requests. Stay logged into chat and messaging apps so co-workers can reach you.


Though you might find you are more productive without the distractions of co-workers, you also might find you are lonely without them. Remote working can lead to feelings of being disconnected so it is important to check in and communicate with colleagues regularly.

There are benefits and drawbacks of working remotely and your success will largely depend upon how you adjust to your new work environment. MSPs are an invaluable partner to businesses navigating uncertain times. AJTC stands ready to create and implement solutions to best meet a company's needs. Learn more about AJTC hereor call 708.942.8200.

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