Microsoft End of Life Support Services: What Does it Mean for Your Business?

The lifecycles for Windows 7, Exchange 2010, and SQL 2008 are set to end in January 2020 at which point Microsoft will discontinue all support and updates for these products. What does that mean for you? If you use these programs, Microsoft recommends updating sooner rather than later to improve efficiency and eliminate security risks in a cost effective manner.

Improve efficiency
In any business model, greater efficiency leads to greater productivity. With the approaching end of life date approaching for these popular Microsoft optimization products, companies should take the proactive step of updating well before the deadline. Businesses should prioritize evaluating and identifying areas and systems for improved efficiency. This type of attention and focus helps operations to continue seamlessly and avoids lags in productive time.

Eliminate security risks
Since Microsoft will be discontinuing support of these products, security risks could be more widespread. Hackers typically wait until after the end of life date and exploit systems once they know Microsoft has ended support for the software. Businesses must be proactive in mitigating cybersecurity risks. Companies of all sizes can benefit from partnering with an MSP to assess and identify security risks. From this, a plan of action for the future should be developed and implemented.

Cost effective solutions for your business
Upgrading to a new operating system does not have to be a tedious, costly process. As a Microsoft Partner, AJTC can provide Microsoft risk assessments for these products and help you determine the most seamless, cost-effective way to update your company's equipment.

AJTC is your technology solutions partner. Our experts will guide you through the evaluation and update process in a cost-effective manner. AJTC provides tailored, scalable IT solutions that fit your budget and help you achieve your goals. Our competitive pricing coupled with our expertise make us the right managed services provider to help your company through this transition.

AJTC's expert team is knowledgeable about technology trends and improvements and will work with you to evaluate your current environment. From there, we can recommend the solutions that best meet your business needs. Partnering with AJTC to upgrade your machines will ensure a smooth transition, reduce security threats, and provide cost-effective solutions.

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