6 Support Services an MSP Delivers

When it comes to managing IT functions, companies can become overwhelmed if they are not prepared and staffed properly. Technology requires specialized expertise and experience working across different platforms, programs and industries. This type of knowledge often comes at a premium price, so how can businesses stay ahead of the IT curve without breaking the bank? A Managed Services Provider(MSP) is a cost-effective solution for companies that understand the importance of proactive tech services, including help desk, monitoring, network infrastructure, backup and disaster recovery, network security and vendor management.

Help Desk

Technology demands are constantly changing, particularly when a company is in a growth phase. Keeping up with IT and help desk needs can take a toll on resources over time. An MSP serves as an outsourced help desk and can take on day to day tasks, allowing companies to focus more time and energy on business activities.


Internal and external networks are critical for business systems to function. If something goes wrong, it can be overwhelming to a company's staff. A managed services provider proactively monitors and performs updates to these systems in order to avoid downtime and lost productivity.

Network Infrastructure

A cohesive and modern network infrastructure allows a business to perform at its peak. Identifying and analyzing weaknesses within an infrastructure are proactive steps taken by managed services providers to avoid interruption.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Errors and data mishaps are unpleasant but do not have to prove catastrophic for a business. By having backup and disaster recovery processes in place, a company avoids trouble. From replacing a deleted file to integrating cloud-based systems, a managed services provider is the safety net small- and medium-sized businesses need.

Network Security

Stopping unauthorized access, cyberattacks and misuse of data are high priorities in today's dynamic technology environment. Antivirus and antimalware software are helpful tools in preventing negative incidents and the use of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) creates cost-effective, secure solutions for companies of all sizes.

Vendor Management

Vendor support is a necessary but time-consuming aspect of managing technology services. A managed services provider works as a liaison between clients and IT vendors and creates a first line of support,isolating issues and troubleshooting problems. When vendor support is needed, an MSP communicates and works directly with the vendor's technical staff.

Small- and mid-sized businesses have much to consider in order to remain functional and successful. Planning for minor and major technology issues with an MSP will keep a company from losing precious time and money.

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