Hosted Email

Businesses choose Hosted Exchange Email because it supports today’s anywhere, anytime work schedule, provides comprehensive protection against security threats, and offers better uptime than on-premise solutions. Small to medium businesses often choose a hosted platform rather than put forth the expense for equipment and licensing associated with on-premise Exchange servers and email filters.

Why Hosted Email?

  • Enterprise-grade business email, calendar, contacts, and other Microsoft® applications
  • As an alternative to Microsoft Office 365 – if you are looking for a simple email solution, you may not need all the features of Office 365
  • High reliability – value of the incredible 99.999% reliability

Compliance and Security
Industry rules and regulations can be overwhelming, with healthcare organizations subject to the intricacies of HIPAA, and financial services firms regulated by SEC, FIRNA, SOX, and more. Our support team assists clients across many different industries to ensure that our hosted Exchange email services comply with both their internal and institutional regulatory & security requirements.

Reliability and Support
In today’s 24/7 business world, service outages have a huge and immediate impact. Moving to hosted Exchange email enables companies of every size to take advantage of our enterprise-grade reliability and leverage our ongoing investments in infrastructure and support.

One of the many benefits of moving to hosted Exchange email is the time management savings: no servers or software to maintain.

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