Staying Productive While Working Remotely

Adjusting to remote working can be done more easily if you feel you arestaying productive. It is easy to say you’ll be productive when working athome, but distractions are everywhere. Stayingconnected to your colleagues and manager helps in staying productive.However, you’ll likely need more support.

By defining boundaries and schedules you’ll be closer to establishing aproductive mindset for remote working. The following tips will help you outlinea plan to be efficient and productive while working from home.

Set regular hours and establish a routine

It can be tempting to roll over in bed, grab your laptop, and startworking. However, this is not the best way to start your day. Working remotelyrequires you to maintain an even stricter routine and schedule than when you gointo the office. If you don’t set regular working hours and follow your routine,you’ll quickly feel as though you are stuck in a loop and won’t feel your best.

When working from home, it’s very important to maintain your normalmorning routine. Get up, shower, eat breakfast, exercise, and do anything elseyou normally would when starting your day. This helps you mentally prepare totake on the day and accomplish all you need to do.

Have a dedicated workspace

When you are in the office you have a dedicated workspace. An office, adesk, or a cubicle is probably your home away from home. The same should betrue when you are at home. Establish an area where you can work with limiteddistractions. If you have a home office, you’re ready to go. If you don’t, finda space in your home where you feel that you will get a lot done.

Ideally, you will not park yourself in front of the television, butrather find an area where you can get your tasks done. For some, a workingspace with lots of natural light and reduced noise levels does the trick. Forothers, a calming workspace with soft music or other background noise helpsthem find their productive sweet spot. Either way, find what works best for youand stick to it.

Keep your workspace organized

An organized and tidy work area helps you keep your projects andpriorities in line. If your desk or workspace is cluttered, it can be harder toconcentrate or accomplish important tasks. Keep files (both physical andelectronic) filed appropriately so you can access the information you need whenyou need it. Organizing your work helps you organize your thoughts and leads togreater productivity.

Give yourself breaks

Keep tabs on how often you move and be sure you are getting enoughbreaks. Getting up to stretch and move around every so often is good for youand it’s important. When working remotely, it’s easy to lose track of how muchtime you’ve spent sitting in one position. Staying sedentary is bad for yourhealth, so remember to keep moving and keep an active lifestyle.

It’s also important to ensure you are getting enough water during theday. Staying hydrated helps contribute to a healthy lifestyle and keeps youpracticing good habits. 

Minimize distracting noises

In order to maximize your productivity, it’s helpful to keepdistractions and noises to a minimum. This helps improve your focus and allowsyou the time necessary to complete tasks. If possible, select an area in yourhome to work where you can close a door to keep distractions at bay. Somepeople like to play soft music in the background or have white noise. Othersprefer complete silence to concentrate. Find the style that works for you andget to work.

Define work and non-work times

Whether working remotely or in the office, it’s important to keep ahealthy work-life balance. Each day, determine which hours you’ll devote towork and which are dedicated to you and your family. Inevitably, there will betimes when work and personal time will overlap (e.g. a work emergency comes upafter hours or a client issue needs to be addressed after you have logged offfor the day) but for the most part try to be conscious of keeping a dedicatedschedule. This helps you prioritize your time and goes a long way in helpingyou avoid burnout.

Productivity should not decrease when you’re working remotely. In somecases, you’ll find you are more productive when working from home because thedistractions of the office are not constantly interrupting your workflow.

These tips will help ensure you stay on the path to productivity:

  • Establish a remote working routine
  • Keep a dedicated and organized workspace
  • Give yourself breaks to rest throughout the day
  • Minimize distractions and unnecessary noises
  • Define work and personal time

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