Computer Repair & Support


Computer TuneUp

A bit of basic computer maintenance is simply sometimes all your computer needs to get back on its feet and running. With this service, we scan your registry and fix any problems we find, defragment your hard drive, and clean up junk files such as temporary operating system files. All of this will help your computer to start and shut down faster and better.

Operating System Services

Is your computer sluggish or is something completely broken about your operating system? Would you like a fresh new install or perhaps even an upgrade to a newer version of Windows, Mac, or Linux? Let us do the work and ensure your Operating System is working efficiently.

Hardware Upgrades

With this service we can install, replace, or upgrade new hardware into your computer. This includes memory (RAM), power supplies, media expansion drives (DVD, CD, Memory Card), Motherboards, Processors (CPU’s), or expansion cards (Graphics Card, Sound Card, NIC, RAID Controllers). This service allows us to replace your broken or old parts with fresh, fast new ones, or even add a new component to your computer entirely.

Software Installation

Do you have some software that you need installed on your computer, but you don’t know where to start to get it on your system? Let us do it for you with this service, where we install things such as Anti-Virus, Microsoft Office, Quickbooks, or any other computer application you need on your computer. We’ll do it right and make sure it is ready for you to use as soon as our installation is completed.